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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

G'day Ya'll

Just a minute while I wipe the cobwebs of this page.....
That's better I can see to type now, how have you all been going over the past few months while my life revolved around ME and CANCER?? don't worry we're not here to talk about them things today.
After a longish hibernation I'm back on the internet again... not so much here as on the dreaded Facebook and Pinterest for any of you who are not familiar with Pinterest I recommend you have a look at it, I'm starting to really enjoy creating and adding to my boards, I guess the reason for opting to go to FB as so many of my friends have done is its so much easier to type in a two line description of a picture or something than to write a two page blog post, especially if you want to try and make it interesting as well.
By and large I haven't changed my mind about FB I still don't like it much and at times I HATE it, its not a user friendly program, well not to this user anyway, and the inane posts like... (Its Sunday morning and the sun is shining.) amaze me... who's interested in that sort of post?????
But as I said before its quick and easy (if you don't strike any glitches) and that suits the modern day world, so I'm trying to join in instead of fighting against it.
I'm in the process of changing my car at the moment (another thing I had decided not to do!!!) I'm buying a Hyundai iMax, an 8 seater people mover... for one person I hear you say... the plan is to convert it into a very basic o/n camper, just a bed, fridge, stove and comfortable chair, so that I can break up my long trips with a stop-over at a pretty shady spot or a nice river with the added bonus that I might even catch my evening meal while I enjoy the outdoors... Sounds good to me.
While I realize I'm making a big assumption by expecting anyone to read this if I am so blessed, thank you for being here and please leave a comment so that I can maintain contact.

All the best.   Peter.


ari_1965 said...

The camper setup sounds like a good, practical idea to me.

Lee said...

About bloody time, Peter! Good to see you!

I have fun on FB...I don't mind some of the nonsensical postings...I have to say that because I post my own, often!

You sound great, which is wonderfully uplifting. You've fought a strong battle, taking no prisoners along the way! I always knew you were a warrior! :)

I think your one-people mover is a very sensible idea....good on you!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Peter, it's great to see you back on the internet again, whether it be on FB or here on Blogger ... and it's wonderful to hear you making plans, and living life to the fullest, and sounding very much like your pre-cancer self !!! Hopefully, one of hose trips in the new camper will involve a stop over in Melbourne somewhere, and we can finally say g'day !!! Anyway, take care, continue to have fun ... Connie xx

Marcus said...

Great to see a post at the House Pop. If I could only remember how to login to FB I could see what else you're up to!
Great idea about the van and adventure possibilities.

Pamela said...

I think that is a great idea -- sort of jealous that you will be able to just pack up and go.