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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two old farts go to the Gympie Muster

 I'm going to call this post "Two old farts go to the Gympie Muster" if you study this photo closely you will probably be able to work out why.
The farts in question are Walter and Peter.

 Walter is of German origin so you can guess what we had for lunch, mine was minus the sauerkraut.though.

There are other staple foods that are very well represented at the Muster, and of course the states pride and joy 4XXXX beer has pride of place.

The iconic "R M Williams" who started out as a bootmaker and is now a leading boot  and country style clothing supplier.

Well this is where the main action takes place "The Main Stage" there are 7 other smaller venues all close by (easy walking distance even for ME) but here "on the hill" is where the good stuff happens.
The Muster is in its 31st year and is unique in that a group of charity organizations, headed by The Apex Club, organize and run this event each year, I think the total amount raised and shared among these charities is in the 10 million dollar range, so its not just good music but good for the community too.

If you look at the left hand side of the main stage you will see these two trees, they are stamped out of metal sheet and mounted on a corrugated iron wall which is painted yellow, the lighting behind them makes for a spectacular effect at night.

And of course no post would be complete without a shot of some of the local wildlife!!!!!


Robyn Lee said...

Welcome back, Peter. Sounds as if you thoroughly enjoyed the Muster. I'm not a great fan of crowds now otherwise I'd probably be tempted to go.

It was good to talk to you the other week. I haven't bought a car yet...still looking.

See you for coffee in the not too distant future, I hope.


Pamela said...

still the rake I see~!

Jim said...

Your picture, "Two old farts go to the Gympie Muster" is worthy of framing. Your Chamber of Commerce might want to buy it for their brochures??(!!)

I like your 'wild life' too. It is nice to see Walter also. And it looks like you are doing a whole lot better, REALLY GOOD, since I last peeked in on you.

Been having German sausage lately too, down at the Borough Market here in London. We've been here two months, minus two weeks for the cruise, and I've had five sausage and sauerkrauts (my blood runs 1/4 German) with mustard in a bun there. The German restauant opens a booth on weekends. Until I found them I would have fish and chips but they weren't as good as in the restaurants.

Thank you for all the nice pictures,

Marcus said...

G'day Pop,
seems to be a blogging frenzy coming out of Gympie!
Nice to see.
Is that a vac pump your wearing at the muster? I presume that's for the wound reopening you mentioned?
Hope it's not required for too long.


Peter said...

No its just a small shoulder bag for phone, small camera etc.

Lee said...

Glad you enjoy The Muster, Peter. The times I went when I was living back in Gympie before coming here to the hill, I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the Blues Tent/Bar and the Crowbar as well as the Main Stage...it was all great fun with some wonderful music - to sit back, relax and listen to...good stuff!

And the weather was perfect last weekend, too...no gumboots needed this year! :)

wazza said...

Trust you Peter to film a different type of wild life. I was looking forward to seeing some kangaroos.