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Monday, August 26, 2013

From a dear friend.

Did I ever mention how much love and warmth there is out there in the Blogging and FaceBook world.... I have positive proof of this, a very dear friend , who I've never met personally, sent me some hand made crosses that I had ordered from her in the post bag I scanned and attach to this post.
JAMIE DAWN BRADLEY HOOD, COME ON DOWN!!!!! down to Australia would be perfect Jamie then I could thank you personally, you will remain one of my dearest friends for life, Thank You so much.
(thanks for the hand drawn smiley faces too)


Jim said...

That Jamie Dawn is something, isn't she. She is very proud of those crosses, we both can remember when she started making them.

We met J.D. and her family at Blogstock '08 that Cliff Morrow hosted in his Nebraksa cornfield home.

Jamie is third from the right, I am on the right, Cliff is second from the left.
All are listed below the picture in the post, Blogstock '08 Report. I see your comment there. Some have stopped blogging, a few are still on FaceBook.

Peter said...

Thanks for the comment Jim, I went back and had a look at your post, Cliff is another gem!!!!

Cliff said...

He's ALIVE...I've caught up on the wildlife you lead. Good to see you enjoying life once again.
Jamie Dawn is an absolute gem of a person. I wish she still blogged.

Peter said...

G'Day Cliff, it seems for most of us blogging is finite, comes a time when the fun goes out of it, I've joined the dreaded facebook and a new one called pinterest and enjoying it at this stage.
I intend to do a post here every now and then just to keep in touch with my good friends who blog.

Lee said...

There are good people in this world of ours...we tend to overlook that at times...and it's good to get a reminder. :)

Big Dave T said...

Yep, I know Jamie Dawn from her blogs and comment posts. Doesn't surprise me, I must say.

Nice to see you back. Some time you'll have to let us know how Merle is doing. I miss her. Sounds like a great plan with the camping van (hea, you being the poet collector should appreciate the rhyme there).

I like your shot of the local wildlife but are they holding hands? I didn't think they did that over there like they do over here.

Pinterest! I dunno. The only time I used Pinterest is when I was interested in seeing a picture of a girl my son was seeing socially. And, by the way, don't put anything on Pinterest you don't want the world to see too.