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Monday, September 02, 2013

Transforming the Maffia Staff Car

Work has begun on the Mafia Staff Car conversion to an o/night camper conversion, it is now a 3 seater people mover instead of an 8 seater, it probably weighs a LOT less at the moment too as the row of 3 seats came in at an estimated (by Bruce and myself) 1/2 a ton and the 2 seats not far behind that, suffice to say they were bloody heavy

There is now a cavernous space on the left hand side for a bed and a 40 litre portable fridge,
this leaves access to the rear between the two sets up front and one set behind the driver, I would have liked to have left the 2 seat unit in but it would have cut of that access so we decided against it.
Along the other side there will be room for all the other STUFF that our modern world demands we take with us... clothes, computer, cooking gear, chair, solar panel, if I decide to go that way, and of course there will be storage under the bed as well.
All in all its shaping up pretty much as I hoped it would.

This is my willing helper, youngest son Bruce, I posed him on the rear steps to highlight the painting efforts of my oldest son Alan, I'm certainly getting a dividend return from them this year and the same can be said for Vicki and Marcus too I don't know what the outcome of the last 7 months would have been without them... huge THANKS TO YOU ALL, including all the other friends and relatives who have been so supportive


Lee said...

What a great project, Peter; and when completed you'll get so much enjoyment from it, I'm sure! Good on you!

Kids do become handy, after all! ;)

Cliff said...

Like myself, the dividends of fatherhood have begun big time. You too have some wonderful adult children, and family really is what life is about. I love the project and hope the air conditioner will run quietly while you sleep.
I'm so glad it's all come together again for you.

Robyn Lee said...

Sooo,Peter, what you're really telling us is that you're the Godfather of the Gympie Mafia, hence the staff car?

I'm sure after all your and Bruce's hard work, it will be a vehicle worthy of that name. Oh, by the way, don't forget to allow a special bracket for your guitar case...no self respecting mafioso would be seen without that.

Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product.