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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Australian Overland Telegraph Line

 I haven't done a "normal" post for so long... I thought I'd try one!!!

The Australian Overland Telegraph Line was a 3200 km telegraph line that connected Darwin with Port Augusta in South Australia. Completed in 1872 the Overland Telegraph Line allowed fast communication between Australia and the rest of the world. An additional section was added in 1877 with the completion of the Western Australian section of the line. It was one of the great engineering feats of 19th century Australia[1] and probably the most significant milestone in Australia's telegraphic history.[2]

 The Overland Telegraph Station at Alice Springs NT, this is very close to the centre of Australia so it was a very important link when it came to connecting Australia to the rest of the world.

 The Eucla Telegraph Station in WA has not fared well, it is being engulfed by the sand dunes and will in time probably be buried completely

The (subsequent) Adelaide-Darwin railway follows the route of the Telegraph Line, using the easternmost (yellow) path. The railway was finished as far as Alice Springs on 6 August 1929, and as far as Darwin in 2003.

There endeth the Australian History lesson for today.


Robyn Lee said...

That's a nice normal post, Peter, but a bit of a change. I'm used to seeing abnormal posts (smirk).

Lee said...

We have some great history in this country...and I love reading about it.

Thanks, Peter. :)

Jeanette said...
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Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, This was one of the many stops we had on our trip traveling to Darwin and found it very interesting, By your previous post your doing well. Take care see you in your travels whenever that maybe,, xxxxx

Cliff said...

That's a long rail line. The RR's were,(are) very important in the history and future well being of any country especially yours. Glad to hear from you. c