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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MSC conversion

 A base for the bed is under way, while the MSC waits in anticipation.
 The photos that follow are to show the progress on the conversion of the Maffia Staff Car (MSC) from an 8 seater People Mover to a 3 seater Camper.

 From the RHS, the 3rd seat, Fridge, Bed Frame all in place.

 From the rear, The bed frame in place

 From the LHS, Portable Refrigerator/Freezer (Fridge), Bed Frame and 3rd seat.

 Bed base and bedding in place.

 From the rear, bed complete, now working on the storage section below bed.

More bits and pieces to be organized in storage area, we're gettin' there slowly but surely, only thing that isn't quite as planned... the metal bed frame could have been a few inches shorter, the base would have just overlapped as it does on the LHS, then the fridge would have fitted the other way round for easier access but it works fine this way.
I'm starting to get keen to try it out but until my medical procedures are done I'll probably just dream about it.


Bec said...

Looking good... Where will you put the flat screen tv? Lol.
Glad you have something to keep you busy. Hope you are keeping well :)
Cheers Bec

Robyn Lee said...

It's coming along well, Peter. I can imagine you're looking forward to trying it out.

Lee said...

You're doing a great job there, Peter.

I've got to put together a couple of flat pack cupboards...and all I've done so far is look at the packages...this could continue for a while! Not much progress happening here! ;)

Dave said...

Very cool conversion Peter!!!
You even have a dunny(sp) in there?

Where are you going with it, and with whom?

Jim said...

I like it Peter ~~ When do we leave (Shades of the Little Red Hen fable--"who will help me eat this bread?")?