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Friday, January 17, 2014

Heading Home for a rest!!

Hello to Blogland, I hope that 2014 has been treating you well, my normally quiet lifestyle has been given a real workout since I arrived in Victoria just before Christmas.
A part of the reason for this trip, aside from spending Christmas with some of my family, was to investigate the housing alternatives available so that I won’t put my family through the same chaotic conditions that 2013 brought about should my health again pose a problem.
Christmas Dinner was at favourite daughter Vicki’s lovely new home near Geelong, it was historic in that Vicki and Marcus had both their parents with them for Christmas dinner, first time for about 7 years and only the second time in about 40 years, we also had lengthy phone calls with the boys from Perth, Alan and Bruce to complete what has been a great Christmas.
Two days after Christmas I got a morning call from Alan, oldest son, who asked if I could pick him up from the Geelong Railway Station, I assured him that I certainly could and inquired when?... well I’m here at the moment was the reply, we hastily went and picked him up only to learn that his plan had been to hire a car at the Melbourne airport and come and knock on the door at about 8.00am, there wasn’t a single hire car available at the airport or at Geelong when he arrived there, all this after a 20 minute phone call on Christmas morning when he gave no clue about his plan, which included a 3000 km red-eye flight across the country, had already been booked.
Some fairly extensive house hunting started in the new year, this included several alternatives at a retirement village near Vicki’s house, a more conventional Caravan Park in Geelong, I hastily add for American readers, this bears no resemblance to a “Trailer Park” as I understand them to be, as well as some conventional houses, one of which I submitted an offer on… not accepted but I have established that there is a fairly good supply of homes in a price range where I feel comfortable.
So I’m a man on a mission… to prepare for sale and sell my house in Gympie, get my surgery done and then MOVE interstate… not really looking forward to all that!!!!
My worst fears about moving back to Victoria were well founded during the first 2 weeks I had my mid winter uniform on, Jeans, Shirt and light weight jumper, and this was in mid summer!!!! This last week has been a real heat wave with temps. Of 38 to 45 degrees Celsius, approx. 98 /108 Fahrenheit.  
It was hot enough today to melt some fairly extensive sections of new bitumen on the motorway as I drove to Shepparton to visit again with my sister Merle, she is in the Shepparton Private Hospital waiting on a placement in respite at a nursing home, she has finally conceded that she is unable to look after herself at home so the move into respite will become permanent when a suitable room becomes available.
Merle has succumbed to Dementia over the last few months, its sad to see her repeating the same things over and over and with a fairly serious case of the “Oh Dears” which she prefaces almost everything with, “Oh Dear… I didn’t sleep well last night etc.”  
On a brighter note I stopped of at the pretty little town of Nagambie close to Shepparton, This is where the Champion Mare “Black Caviar” was bred, they are understandably proud of her and have erected a statue with details of her racing career on display, 25 straight victories before being retired to stud where she is now expecting her first foal.
Again, I wish you all the very best for 2014.


  In her familiar "Racing Mode" she had a huge stride, much longer than normal which wasthe secret of her racing success. There is a lovely lake in the background of this shot which is a summer wonderland for the town and its visitors.

 Loved this vine clad "Water Tower" which supplies the towns water from the "Header Tank"


Jack K. said...

Thanks for giving the update on your move. I am saddened to learn of Merle's condition. It is one we all contemplate from time to time. Glad to learn she will be well cared for.

While you have been having a good(?) time with the heat we, in the Midwest of the US, have been having a great time with ever changing temps and winds. As Dylan sang, "The times they are achangin,"

Take care and good luck in finding the home that will suit you.

kenju said...

Peter, since I have moved recently, I am in a prefect position to say
GOOD luck with that! Happy New Year!

Pamela said...

I'm impressed that your children are so proactive in your life. A Blessing. And sorry to hear about Merle.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Peter, Thanks for the update on your visit to Melbourne, and please pass on my love to Merle. It's sad to hear she isn't doing too well, she is an amazing woman, and I cherish the visits I had with her in Shepparton. Hopefully, Peter, once you move down here, we can maybe finally "meet", after all these years of blogging. Hope all goes well. Take care, big hugs, Connie xxx

Marcus said...

That's me Pop..."proactive" !!
Take care on the drive home.

Lee said...

Oh, Peter...I'm so sad to hear about dear, Merle. Give her my love and a big hug, please. She's a good lady.

Sad to lose you from Qld, but it will be so much better for you to be closer to family.

I wish you all the best, Peter...in sale of your Gympie abode; the move; the operation; and finding a suitable new dwelling.

Thanks for keeping us posted about Merle. :)

Robyn Lee said...

You have a busy time ahead of you, Peter. I hope the surgery, when it occurs, goes well and that you also find time for a visit to the Gold Coast before you depart from Queensland.

It's very sad to hear about Merle...we became friendly through blogging and she never had a bad word to say about anyone. Give her hug from me.

All the very best for 2014 and I hope all proceeds smoothly for you. x

Big Dave T said...

Send some of that heat here to Michigan, would you? We've been dealing with sub-zero temperatures and snow piled up to the window sills, at least at work here. My son's fiance's sister just shipped off to Australia for six months as a student intern. That's a long flight, by the way.

Thanks for the update on Merle though I'm sorry to hear she's not doing that well. I saw the update on her blog that her granddaughter Becca did too.