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Monday, December 24, 2007


Fun Monday Registry.

If you participate in Fun Monday and your name and URL is not here and you would like
to be on the registry please let me know, conversely if you would like to be removed
from the registry let me know that too.

Any Fun Monday Participants who would like to add the link to this list to their blog page
please feel free to do so.

If you check the comments you will see that Carrie Sue has created a drop down list
which is sitting at the top of my sidebar just above the link to this registry.

Visit Robin the Pensive here for a rundown on the topics already covered and a bit of
etiquette for playing in Fun Monday.

To see who is hosting the next Fun Monday visit Chris B here

Fun Monday participants

Alison http://rdhmom.blogspot.com/ Usa

Alison Wonderland http://utahalison.blogspot.com/ Usa

Alix http://dc-days.blogspot.com/ Usa

Amy www.amypurcell.com/blog

Ann http://forthelongrun.blogspot.com/ UK

AOJ (Angela) http://aojthelurchers.blogspot.com/ UK

Ari http://beyondmyslab.blogspot.com/

Arkansas songbird http://arkansassongbird.wordpress.com/ Usa

Beckie http://giveitatry.wordpress.com/ Usa

Beverly http://saunteringsoul.blogspot.com/

Big Momma http://clintonvillebigmomma.blogspot.com/

Blue Momma http://inthebowl.blogspot.com/ Usa

Bren http://momof3littlemonkeys.blogspot.com/ Usa

BS http://thefirstofsix.blogspot.com/ Usa

Carrie Sue http://koehmstedt.blogspot.com/ Usa

Cazzie http://idontdomornings.blogspot.com/

Celeste http://ragracers.blogspot.com/

Christine http://www.arewethereyetmom.com/ Usa

Chris B http://mscellania.blogspot.com/ UK

Crown Princess http://oohashinypen.blogspot.com/ Usa

Cynthia http://halefamilysite.blogspot.com/ Usa

Daddy D http://itmustbeso.blogspot.com/ Usa

Dallas http://www.sallad.net/blog/ Usa

Dawn http://coloursofdawn.wordpress.com/ Can

Deborah http://blog.humblehousewife.com/ UK

Debs http://1crazystitcher.blogspot.com/ Usa

Detroit http://detroitpistonsfans.blogspot.com/

Ellen B http://happywonderer.wordpress.com/ Usa

Emma http://emmamcdon.blogspot.com/ Can

Faye http://emmamcdon.blogspot.com/

Faye’s summitmusings http://summitmusings.blogspot.com/ Usa

Fianna http://fiannas.blogspot.com/ Usa

Gawilli http://gawilli.wordpress.com/ Usa

Gattina http://gattinawritercramps.blogspot.com/ Bel

Grace http://mamarehema.wordpress.com/

Happyworkingmom http://happyworkingmom.blogspot.com/ Usa

Heather http://hmckillip.blogspot.com/

Holly anglophileff http://anglophilefootballfanatic.blogspot.com/ Usa

Hootin’-anni http://hootin--anni.blogspot.com/ Usa

Hulagirl http://hulagirlatheart.blogspot.com/

I am who I am http://dungareesablaze.blogspot.com/

Ipost http://findingbeautyinmosteveryday.blogspot.com/

Irish Coffeehouse http://irishcoffeehouse.blogspot.com/

IT Guy http://lifeinitgovt.blogspot.com/

Izzak http://izzaks.blogspot.com/ Usa

Janet http://fromtheplanetofjanet.blogspot.com/ Usa

Jannis http://veguin.blogspot.com/ Usa

Jeanne BermudaB http://bermudabluez.blogspot.com/ Usa

Jenn http://www.simplynotsimple.typepad.com/

Jenni http://prairieair.blogspot.com/ Usa

Jennifer http://dustbunnyhostage.blogspot.com/

Jetti http://westartandendwithfamily.blogspot.com/ Usa

Jientie http://heaveninbelgium.blogspot.com/

Jill Lil Mouse http://lil-mousehouse.blogspot.com/ Usa

Jo http://www.jobeaufoix.com/

Jodi http://miller-insight.blogspot.com/ Usa

Joy T http://aspotoft.typepad.com/

Judy http://grandlakelife.blogspot.com/

Julie http://anotherchanceranch.typepad.com/ Usa

Junebug (Terri) http://junebug-godputasmileuponmyface.blogspot.com/ Usa

Karina http://candidkarina.blogspot.com/ Usa

Karisma http://karismaskids.blogspot.com/ Au

Karmyn http://karmynsdreamings.typepad.com/ Usa

Kaycie http://lostinthebiblebelt.blogspot.com/ Usa

Kaytabug http://mommak3lilmen.blogspot.com/ Usa

Kerri http://www.my12stones.blogspot.com/

Kerith Collins http://momdumchronicles.blogspot.com/

Kila http://momto3cubs.blogspot.com/ Usa

Kitten http://kittens-homeschool.blogspot.com/ Usa

Lana G http://airmiles.wordpress.com/ Usa

Laurie http://www.lifewiththreedogs.blogspot.com/ Usa

Libsmom http://bubblewrites.blogspot.com/ Usa

Linda http://straightupandslightlydirty.blogspot.com/

Lisa http://thefoodsnob.typepad.com/ Usa

Lisa’s chaos http://www.lisaschaos.blog-city.com/

Lisa Marie (New) http://lisaschaos.com/

Liza http://lizas-eyeview.blogspot.com/ Usa

Little Ducky http://thatsfabulousfornow.blogspot.com/ Usa

Mamalang http://mamalang.blogspot.com/

Mango Marie http://mariesthoughtsonlife.blogspot.com/ Usa

Mariposa http://mariposatells.blogspot.com/ Phil

Meg http://www.megnificentjustmegnificent.blogspot.com/ Usa

Melanie http://ourhappyhappenings.blogspot.com/

Michelle http://mythreepeasinapod.blogspot.com/ Usa

Min http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/ Usa

Miss lion heart http://tootsie.wordpress.com/ UK

mjd (Molly) http://returnofthewhiterobin.blogspot.com/ Usa

Mommyspeak http://mommyspeak.blogspot.com/ Usa

MommyWizdom http://blog.mommywizdom.com/

Monica http://andillraiseyou5.blogspot.com/ Usa

Mrs. Darling http://peterpanandfamily.blogspot.com/

My4kids http://my4kidsdunn.blogspot.com/ Usa

Nancy http://www.shawnanigans.net/

Nekkedlizard http://nekkedlizardadventures.typepad.com/

Nikki http://anticsofacrazymom.typepad.com/

Norabee http://whoppingcornbread.blogspot.com/

Olive http://urolive.blogspot.com/

Pamela http://thedustwillwait.blogspot.com/

Patience http://patience-please.blogspot.com/

Pedcrossing http://pedcrossing.blogspot.com/

Peter http://holtieshouse.blogspot.com/ Au

Prytz family (Jan) http://theprytzfamily.blogspot.com/

Raising 3 squirts http://eastwardcatholicsoldiers.wordpress.com

Retro Hipster http://excrementsandchuckles.blogspot.com/

Robin http://mytwoblessings.blogspot.com/

Robin Pensive http://pensieve.typepad.com/pensieve/

Robinella http://robinellablog.wordpress.com/

Robocop http://sgt-turnkey.blogspot.com/

Rose http://lavenrose.blogspot.com/

Rottencorrespondent http://rottencorrespondent.blogspot.com/

Sallad http://www.sallad.net/blog/

Sandy http://myanderings-myanderings.blogspot.com/

Sara http://saramason.wordpress.com/

Sayre http://sayresmiles.blogspot.com/

Serna Hope http://serinahope.blogspot.com/

Sidar http://sirdar.wordpress.com/ Can

Stephanie http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/ (co-authored) Usa

Storyteller http://smallreflections.blogspot.com/

Southern Doll http://southerndoll.blogspot.com/

Susan http://susansmusings.wordpress.com/

Suze http://suzelssass.blogspot.com/

Swampangel http://swampangel65.blogspot.com/

Swampy (Kathy) http://anecdotes.typepad.com/

The Ex http://exeverything.blogspot.com/

Theveryniceman http://electronic-firefly.blogspot.com/ UK

Tiger lamb http://livinlife007.blogspot.com/

Tiggerlane http://tiggerlane.blogspot.com/

Tracey http://findingbeautyinmosteveryday.blogspot.com/

Uncaringbear http://uncaringbear.blogspot.com/ Au

Wake UASTC http://restinpeacedearabby.blogspot.com/

Willowtree (Peter) http://www.glenyalla.typepad.com/ Au


Carrie @carrieloves said...

Hi, Thanks for the list! I created a dropdown list, it's at the bottom of the right side bar on my blog. Email me at ckoehmstedt at gmail dot com and I'll send you the code. Or you can right click on the blog and View Source to get the code for that widget.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of work...thanks for taking it on and sharing it with everyone. :D

Susan at A Slice of Life

Kaytabug said...

I checked out the drop down on your page and the 2 Alisons took me to 2 different Alisons. I bet the one in utah would prefer her name be alisonwonderland. How did Carrie Sue do this so quickly and easily?! How do we update it? Sorry Guess I should be asking Carrie Sue! :)

Unknown said...

Wow that's wonderful. And, I'm out now as Holly.

alisonwonderland said...

thanks, Peter and Carrie Sue! this will be very helpful in making my "rounds"! :)

Sauntering Soul said...

This list is awesome - thanks for everyone's effort.

Would you mind adding me to the list? You can add me as Beverly or Sauntering Soul, whichever y'all prefer. Thanks so much!

j said...

hi! i'd like to join in on the fun monday fun, but what do i do/how do i start? my new blog is at sharp-penned.blogspot.com

Keri said...

Please add me. My name is Keri and my blog is www.my12stones.blogspot.com