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Friday, January 16, 2015

Its 2015, must be time for a post.

I don't know whether anyone is going to be able to read this, time will tell, after all this time... almost 10 years and 1125 posts, it seems someone has hi-jacked holtieshouse, I have had my computer serviced and the repair shop managed to clean the hi-jack from this computer but said it would probably still affect others???
If this is so I will report it to Blogger in the hope that they can do something.


Gattina said...

It's impossible to keep your Blog open and read your posts, each time I get "Free Blog content.com" and your blog disappears. I just managed to click on "comments" There is something wrong !

Peter said...

You did well to get in quickly enough to leave the comment Gattina, thanks, its good to hear from you, I hope to get it fixed???? who knows???

Lee said...

Similar is happening with me when I tried to comment....after a few times of the other site poking its sticky-beak nose in, I just hit the "back" arrow and here I am. I have no idea what that interfering little busy-body is all about.

Nice to see you posting, Peter...even if it is the first and only one since March 2014! About time! :)

Walker said...

Ha it tried but you can't hijack me without me wanting too be taken.
Nice to see you back Peter

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