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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Settlement Road Bundoora

While we lived at this house the other three kids were born, it was also during the latter stages of this time that the marriage started to crumble.

The oldest three kids started their schooling from here and began to develop their own individual personalities. (all different)

I had a major change in my career while living here, starting a sales career first with “Goodyear” then with “Westeels”

I took up the Game??? Of Golf while we were here too, defined by many as, “a good walk spoiled”

For most of the time here I was quite happy with my career, but toward the end I started to apply for jobs again.

When I was successful with an application to join “BP Australia” as a sales representative this brought about another, and final, move as a family.

Aberdeen Street Newtown / Geelong

This was a turning point in my Career, it produced my best results to date and set me up for what was to become yet another change of direction.

It was unfortunate that as I became happier with my work, the marriage was getting shakier.

The kids all settled into Geelong well, they were all very involved in their schooling and sport, mainly football for the boys and netball for Vicki, I was a dutiful and proud parent at this time, (I’m still a proud parent today.)

I managed to hone my skills in the service station management field which was to lead to another change of direction.

This change was to be brought about by meeting and falling in love with the lady who was to become my second wife, Julie.

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Marcus said...

It's really interesting reading your reflections associated with the various places you lived and the stages of your career, marriage(s) and family.
I was at Parade College Bundoora last week, just up the road from Settlement Rd. Hasn't Aberdeen St changed! It was for sale last time I was in Geelong, advertised as a "Classic Californian Bungalow"!