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Monday, October 10, 2005



Birchip is a small Victorian Mallee town, we spent 18 months there when we first married, my oldest son, Alan, was conceived and born there so it does hold an important place in my story.

This was still a happy time in the marriage and the memories of adjusting to married life and a new baby are certainly happy ones.

At this stage I can’t find a photograph of the house and as it has since burnt down we may be stuck with only the written word.


Nathalia is also a small country town in Victoria, my Sister and her Husband lived there and operated a Garage with an International Harvester agency.

We formed an ill-fated partnership to run this business together, this only lasted for about 18 months as Pat and I proved to be incompatible.

It would be unfair to say that this move was a disaster, just an unfortunate experiment that didn’t quite work out.

Once we no longer had to work together we got along fine again.

Nathalia is the town where my Mum spent her last 20 years, we had many pleasant visits there, my kids couldn’t quite manage Nathalia thus the visits were to “Nanny Failures,” Mum never complained about the name, but one must wonder what she thought deep down??


OldHorsetailSnake said...

"Nanny Failures." That's good. Ranks right up there with ... uh... I don't know... Something, something... "loose knee caps"?

Merle said...

I do not remember Nanny Failure
having an S on the end of it. Give your kids some credit.
Mum lived next door to me for those 20 years and we had a very good relationship all those years,
You were probably luckier to be
nearer to Dad at that time. We did have our lolly scrambles too.

Peter said...

We visited "Nanny Failure" At "Nanny Failures"
ie, her house.
You have all the material, write the blog!

Marcus said...

Correction, we went to "Nanny Falia's". I know it sounds like Failure but in my mind it was always "Falia", as you say, the childish attempt to pronounce Nathalia. Regardless of the pronunciation, my memories of Nan, the Gallagher cousins and our visits to Nathalia are amongst the happiest and most treasured experiences of my childhood. I can almost feel a blog post coming on!

Peter said...

I repeat, you have all the material, write the blog!