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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas In Blogville 2.

Once more thanks to Lois Lane’s great idea I have been shopping
for some gifts for blog friends, hope you like them, hope they arrive
in time, this overseas mail can be a bit of a problem at times.

Ready for some more Christmas Gifts.

** For Jamie Dawn, whatever she wants, then we’ll double it just

for good measure, c;mon Jamie let your head go on this, you may
never get this chance again.

** For Hoss, we know he is very keen to make his pile, so he gets
a trip to the beach and a shovel to dig up and pile up sand in the
biggest heap hecan imagine, just in case he is feeling a little unfirm,
I suggest we all go along with him for a lovely picnic, and then we
can help him make his pile BIGGER.

** Davo
needs a new soapbox, he says he has worn out his old
one, in a secret compartment (it’s a secret compartment so we
won’t tell him about it) we will put a bottle of Rum.

** For Ivy, this years present will be a divorce WITH a huge
settlement in her favour, now she’s loaded and single just watch
Ivy goooo.

** For my son Marcus,
he says he needs a motor scooter to ride
to work, however after due deliberation on this, I think he needs
to pedal his tredly to work to help him keep of those kilos off,
remember how hard they were to shed Marcus.

** For Trucker Bob, I’m getting him a reprieve from Timmy,
who hasbeen giving him hell for long enough, I might have to
call on you all fora bit of help with this one (and for Miss Vickie’s
yesterday) how about a combined prayer for them, say sundown
on Christmas Eve if you can spare just a few moments.

** For Meg, I’ve arranged a broadband connection to the
internet,there are some complications in her building,
so this may have to bea satellite connection.

** For Maria, a gift of very good news from her specialist in
the newyear, I’m pretty confident she will get this anyway,
so I’m workingon a supplementary gift, what would you
like Maria?

** For Cliff, I’m thinking a reliable weather station, so he’ll
know when he can plant those peas, probably throw in a couple
of cans of John Deere green paint too.

** For Monty, A gift of her own spot on Jules naughty site,
(you willhave to negotiate your TITle with the Rough Lot Girls
though) poor Monty has been pining about missing this spot for
long enough.

The shopping cart’s full again, more to come.


aka_monty said...

Oh Peter, it's just what I always wanted! Thank you! ;)

And I do appreciate the lengths you went to for this wonderful gift. *smooch*

FTS said...

Still handing out gifts, eh? Got some deep pockets there. LOL

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Sand, hell. I was thinking more, like, kruggerands.

Jamie Dawn said...

That's the greatest present I've ever been given! Wow!
I want my throat/voice disorder that I've struggled with for eight years now GONE. I guess it will be doubly gone because you said it would be twice whatever I asked.
I suppose you can throw in lots of cash too. That never hurts.

Ivy & Cliff will really appreciate their gifts, I'm sure.

Isn't it nice to be able to just give and give and not have to worry about paying for it?

I have a few more gift-giving installments coming on my blog. Your gift will be posted soon...

kenju said...

Oh, Peter...more and more to read? I'll never get done!

Da Gal said...

Oh peter... thank you for placing me on your Christmas list and I would be in HEAVEN if I really received the satelite connection - then I could read blog-land every day!!!

I love your "test" comment today... I had to post that briefly this morning because I was receiving emails of concern. It is touching to know people check up on others around here. I do love the blog community. In fact I say the word "blogged" in regular communication as a verb and non-blogging people look at me like I am on crack... oh well!
Merry Christmas my aussie friend!

And here's some big warm hugs and giggles too.... Meg

jules said...

I'm all for your gift for Ivy. Monty can have my spot on the Dirty Girls...since she's apparently not getting any other action, we can let her dream. ;)

Ivy the Goober said...

Yes! There really is a Santa! And his name is Peter :)

Thanks, hon!

Davo said...

"secret" compartment? Awww, spoilsport. Hope it's Bundy, though. (grins)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

You're a thoughtful guy! That Hoss. Ingrate.

Jamie Dawn said...

Just dropped by again. I'll be back tomorrow.

Marcus said...

Hang on, is it legit to give me something I've already got? I still like the scooter idea!
Made me wonder if the O/S readership know what a tredally is. (Mind you with that Jacksonesque spelling I'm not sure what a tredally is!)

Bad Grammar Man :)

Cliff Morrow said...

Peter, That was a thoughtful gift. I hope it's one of those I can read the rain amount from the house. You KNOW I hate to get wet.

Trucker Bob said...

I may be late in getting here, but that does'nt take away from how much I appreciate the thought Peter.

Being a travelling man, if your wish for me were to come to pass, you and I might one day go and find one of those Road-Trains. What a hoot that would be!

Maria said...

Thank you for this special gift. I am very calm about seeing the specialist. I know this means I am expecting good news. At least, I will be on top of the situation. The old saying "Knowledge is power" really holds for Mac degen.
What other gift? I can't think of anything. I am as happy as can be, my health is good, and I am surrounded by loving family and friends. Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you great joy and happiness.