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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas In Blogville.

Christmas Gifts.

This is a start to my gift list to blogging friends, a great idea

inspired by Super Blogger Lois Lane, I especially liked the part

about money being no object, don’t feel at all slighted if your gift

doesn’t sound as grand assomebody else’s, remember ,

it’s the thought that counts.

**For Miss Vickie, who asks "is it courage?" in today’s post,

YES Vickie it is Courage, so let’s give the girl a whole platter full,

AND a magical, (if that’s what it takes) cure for her nagging


**For Lois, we have a cast iron water tight book deal with a

publisher of her choice, just present the voucher Lois and the

deals done, an autographed copy of the first book for your

blogroll fans would be a nice gesture.

**For Jules, a years supply of batteries, (lucky expense is

no object huh) but wait now Jules has found Mr Unbreakable

maybe she won’t get full value from this gift, we may have to

have a rethink??

**FTS was so easy to buy for, a little expensive, but what the

hell, the guys worth it, a nice little cabin in Colorado with a

salon (no not a saloon) attached, Should we wait until Springtime

to clinch the deal FTS?

**Plum Krazzee gets a plum colored 1968 Dodge Charger

complete with Personalized plates, 6MPGDAM, or of her

own choice if for some strange reason she didn’t like that


**For Sudiegirl, who isn’t on my blogroll YET, but with whom

I have had some worthwhile tussles of late over her lack of

taste in music, so I would like to gift her with some much needed

Country Music Appreciation taste.

**For Latigo Flint, a bottle of leather dressing for his holsters

so that he can remain the fastest gun-slinger in the world,

this bottle will come wrapped in a redeemable voucher for a

date with the Starbucks Barista of his choice.

Last on today’s list, my shopping cart is full;

**For Judy, I found this darling collection of 100….. but wait

Judy has already stated that she has no room for her own and

her Mothers collections so instead, I found a set of 4 display

cabinets for all the paper fans and bric-a-brac that she already has.

If your gift isn’t listed you will have to keep coming back, (he..he)

to seewhat you get.


jules said...

Aw....go ahead and send the batteries anyway, Petey. I only get to see Mr. Unbreakable about once a week. I still have six days to deal with. ;)

kenju said...

Thanks, Peter! My collections will at last have a good place to reside, see and be seen!

bubba said...

Very good idea for a post. I like it.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Great idea! (You cheap so-and-so.)

Jamie Dawn said...

I think Lois will be thrilled! One book deal will lead to another...
FTS is packing right now!

FTS said...

Spring? Heck no. Last year would be good. ;)

Da Gal said...

screw the batteries for Jules by her a plug in... if she needs recommendations I can make one (snort)

starbucks barista... Mmmmmm that would be lovely....

an appreciation of country music will always do someone well - you indeed are very thoughtful peter... I'll keep coming back to see what else you come up with. IN the meantime I think I best go blog.

Sudiegirl said...


Don't get me something that will go to waste. You might as well get me fruitcake.

And if you'll notice, I've been trying to be nice in my blog, but since you seem to think it's OK to continue the argument, I'm not sure what to think! ;-)