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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Herons Nest

Hope this is the last glitch with Merle's site
http:// theheronsnest.blogspot.com/
If this link brings up the site but my profile;
please try without "the" ie;

This seems to work sometimes???


Ivy the Goober said...

seems like the one with THE is you. the one with no THE is Merle. But then when you look up Merle's it does show her website in the title but it's yours. Confusing enough? :)

Karen said...

Merry Christmas, Peter!!!

jacqui said...

Hi Peter, I have just tried to leave a message on merle's site, if it comes to yours will you pass it on, have just had a great christmas lunch here with mr & mrs farmers & all the little farmers, hope you are having a good christmas too,jacqui

kenju said...

The second link works well, Peter.
Merry Christmas!