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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A White Christmas

This is another card for y'all, it's also a bit
slow loading, (sorry Cliff) but is worth a wait


Merry Christmas!


Marcus said...

Really sorry to hear that sad news Dad.
Am repeating my comments here from my blog.
Call me if you need any help with it.

S%#t that's terrible news Dad, what a way to ruin Christmas!
How old was he? Family?
There is too much of this stuff, too many sad lonely people who decide to give up coz the pain of living is too great. It's relative of course, one person can handle a huge level of stress/discontentment/pressure/sadness another person has one thing go wrong and gives up!
I've said this before but tears are good. I know you get a helpless sort of feeling when it happens, but in this instance what else should you do?
In my experience, being with people, expressing your sadness at what's happened, and not feeling like you have to say anything is the best approach. You don't need to explain anything or try and give answers or reasons, just be there. People will wonder and question and it's good to discuss it and not shy away from it.
There's a risk of contagion, ie. one suicide leads to another. Providing a supportive presence, being there, providing company are all good things. Grieving people shouldn't be left on their own for extended periods of time, especially if they are vulnerable. The other emotion to expect at some stage is anger, how could they? What a bastard! sorts of reactions. Totally normal, why shouldn't we feel mad about it, it's a terrible thing to do. Problem is of course we aren't in their shoes, we don't know their thoughts and feelings and pains and secrets.

I'll be praying for them and you.

Take care Dad

I love you


FTS said...

Here's hoping you have a great Christmas, Peter. :)

mreddie said...

Enjoyed the card and hope you have a Merry Christmas as well. ec