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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Political Correctness

Christmas thoughts

I am driven to write about the evils that have been done in our society in the name of “Political Correctness” I consider this term and it’s ramifications to be an evil in their own right.

What on earth made the worlds legislators think that there could be a good side, or a need for, this ridiculous nonsense which forbade an employer, who needed a tall strong man for a specific task or conversely who needs a female receptionist from being able to advertise in a “gender specific” manner, please note “gender specific” can anyone come up with a decent explanation for that term?

P C which had century old fairy tales, that have enthralled children over this period of time, banned for the most petty and stupid reasons.

P C which has given rise to, “visually impaired” and “hearing impaired” WTF is wrong with Blind and Deaf anyway? You can bet it wasn’t the guy with the seeing eye dog or the hearing aids who voted in the new terminology.

I t is P C that inspires our weak willed leaders to ban religious instruction in our schools, forbid nativity scenes or Christmas carols, lest “we offend other religious groups,” how about our rights?

If we, as a primarily Christian nation, wish to celebrate Christmas in the same manner that we have from the time of our nation’s birth, who, apart from some P C idiot, allowed some invited guests the right to re-write our book of rules.

Australia, like any nation settled largely by immigration has welcomed people from almost all nations on earth to join us, we invite them to integrate into our society, take out Australian citizenship.

We ask that they, obey the laws of our land, but not very much more than this, we should ask/insist that at the very least they make some endeavor to learn to speak our language, and have their children attend schools, of their own religious choice if they choose that, if they choose our national school system they should abide by the rules that apply to all.

We have no inclination to stop them from following their chosen form of religion, is it too much to ask that they offer the same courtesy.

I believe immigration has worked well in the vast majority of cases, I am not on a witch hunt here for anyone, no matter their creed, colour, race. or religion, what I think is important is that everyone, and I mean everyone, play by the same set of rules, we have traditional rules that have evolved to suit our ethnic makeup, learn to live by them!

There are isolated instances that only serve to highlight the stupidity we see around us, like the Muslim woman allowed to keep her face covered for the photo on her drivers license, what the hell is the good of a photo of a woman’s covered face, we use this photo identification for a myriad of purposes, mainly because the do-gooders, (or criminals) didn’t want an identity card a few years back.

While I’m not a religious man, I do try to live my life by a set of rules that I feel make me a responsible world citizen, and to this end I fully support the traditional ways, and reasons, for celebrating Christmas, if I lived in Iran, China or India I wouldn’t expect that they would alter their traditions for me, so why the hell should ours have to change to suit the few trouble-makers and P C idiots.

I have been promising myself that I would write this rant/blog for some time now Christmas seemed to offer the right timing, so now it’s done!!

Progressive minds discourage the celebration of Christmas because they feel the holiday excludes non-Christians. Or that we’re trying to ram our religion down others’ throats. They’ve got it all wrong. Christmas isn’t a religious holiday. It’s a warm, sentimental, festive season whereby we remind everybody that Jews killed our savior and that non-Christian pagans will burn in hell for eternity. Merry Christmas!

The Religions:

Taoism:~~~~ Shit happens.

Hinduism:~~ This shit has happened before.

Buddhism:~~ It is only an illusion that shit happens.

Zen:~~~~~~ What is the sound of shit happening?

Catholicism:~~ If shit happens, I deserve it.

Islam:~~~~~~ If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.

Judaism:~~~~ Why does shit always happen to me?

Atheism:~~~~ There is no such thing as shit.

Confucianism:~~ Confucius say, "Shit happens."

Agnosticism:~~ Maybe shit happens, and maybe not.

Protestantism:~ Shit won't happen if I work harder.

Televangelism:~ Send money or shit will happen.

Rastafarian:~~ Smoke that shit.

Jehovah's Witnesses:~~ Knock, knock, "Shit happens."


bubba said...

Well put. Sounding a little like me. I say merry christmas not happy holidays. I wear a santa hat. If anyone has the guts to confront me about it. They get told what they can do about it.

Prerona said...

also, 'horizontally challenged' for fat! and disclaimers with each wise crack

No_Newz said...

I'm so with you on this. Very funny list too!
Lois Lane

Theresa said...

Amen. Oops, is it ok to say that? ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I like the burn in hell... Merry Christmas part.
PC stuff drives me nuts too!! Enough is enough!!

Cliff Morrow said...

HEAR HEAR! A big ol pat on the back for you my friend.

Merle said...

Hi Peter, I hope you feel better
after getting that off your chest.
Seems like the whole world has gone crazy at times. They seem to e getting back to former days.
We can have a nativity scene in Myers window. And schools && Kinders can have Christmas plays
etc. At least in Vistoria this year. Only good thing Bracks has
done. Still talk about painting some trees green for the Games!!!!

kenju said...

When I was a child, hearing impaired people who could not speak were referred to as deaf and dumb. That was cruel, as most of them were not dumb at all. This is the only phrase that has been supplanted by the more proper term
"deaf mute". To me, this is the only "PC" phrase with which I agree (at least it is the only one I can think of this morning).

Big Dave T said...

Way to go! Good blog man. So many bad things happen in the name of religion that we forget the good that god and faith can bring into our homes.

I've been waiting for your promised rant, but it was worth it.

No_Newz said...

Hey, guess what?! It's my blog's birthday tomorrow. I'll be 1 year old. Please stop by for a slice of cake. :)
Have a great weekend!
Lois Lane

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Hey! I'm a Unitarian. You left us out. That's not PC.

Unitarians say, WHAT IS THIS SHIT?

I was raised in a Christian home in a Christian church that DOES NOT celebrate Christmas. Why? Because the bible never once says anything about celebrating the BIRTH of Christ.

Even thou I no longer consider myself to be a Christian, I sure do celebrate Christmas! Love it. I agree with much of what you say.

But not all. I do think we have to INCLUDE people. So I don't like hearing, "Peace on Earth, goodwill to MEN." It's easy enough to say, "Peace on Earth, goodwill to all."

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"...learn our language." You gotta be kidding. What would anybody ever do with, for instance, a billabong?

Hoss 1, Matey 0

Lew said...

That was a great post. I found myself nodding my head and agreeing with you as I read. Then I got to the last paragraph and burst out laughing.

Bubba's Girl said...

Isn't it amazing how the minority seems to speak louder and receive more air time than the majority; especially in terms of political correctness and religion. Do you think media and legislature has created a world of those who "Thrive on adversity"?

I agree with you wholeheartedly. My personal feelings about Christmas are all centered around the celebration of Christ. I have a porcelien nativity scene and display it in place of a tree. Amazingly enough it is closer to political correctness than most things holiday related; the figurines have dark skin and hair! ;-)

aka_monty said...

*round of applause* Most excellent! I'm behind you 100%.

I don't get hung up on being politically correct...I'll call it like I see it and if that makes me a bad person, oh-freakin'-well. :)

Peter said...

Hi all, surprise surprise, I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking on PC and how it has been used to undermine our Christmas celebrations.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you're going with this "Deaf" not "hearing impaired" thing. People with hearing loss aren't necessarily Deaf. The Deaf can't use hearing aids, since they have no ability to hear sound, amplified or not. A person whose hearing is impaired may be able to make use of hearing aids - in which case he is not Deaf, he's just someone whose hearing is impaired.

"Deaf" was never the right term for people with hearing loss. It's not an offensive term. The Deaf have no problem with it - they embrace it, in some cases. The problem is when people who don't understand hearing loss but think they do start lumping "hearing impaired" people into categories that don't make sense.

I've never known a Deaf or person with hearing loss who wanted to be called ANYTHING special, except to just be a "person" like the rest of us. They certainly don't insist on "hearing impaired." I don't know who came up with that term, but it wasn't them, and I don't know about you but I can't think of a single example of a time when I was forced to or even asked to use it. So why complain about it?

(And I'm all in favor of Christmas, so don't go calling me anti-Christmas for posting this.)

But what was this about how if you "lived in Iran, China, or India" you wouldn't expect them to alter their traditions for you? Have you ever actually LIVED there? How about Iran, where you can do *serious* jail time (and we're talking Iranian jails, not some cush little cell in the countryside) for failure to follow Islamic law? What about China, where not only do they not celebrate Christmas, but you can't speak out in support of it, except as a commercial enterpise that might result in increased sales. And don't bother trying to speak about democracy. You might get shot. And India? Sure, you'd be just fine with the traditions there, as long as you fit into the right caste. But don't go trying to break up that system of legalized and incorporated discrimination, or you'll be one of the PC idiot troublemakers you seem to despise.

And what was that about not being able to advertise because you need a "female receptionist"? What's the matter with you? If there is even one single legitimate reason you can come up with for wanting to hire a "gender-spcific" employee, then chances are the law doesn't forbid it. But keep advertising for "female receptionists" and you're going to have a lot of "females" explaining exactly what "gender specific" means.

Look, I get where you're going in spirit, I think. Nobody likes so-called PC labels. That's because nobody likes to be labeled. So go ahead and rant against PC labels. Just make sure you don't miss the point along the way.

Peter said...

Dear Anonymous, wow that's something of a broadside you just fired of in my direction, I wouldn't normally enter into a debate with an unknown/anonymous person but as you seem to be serious about the topic we can have this one, and only one exchange.
Did you bother to read what I said regarding deaf people? sure I could have gone further and mentioned partially deaf people as well, and I have been involved with a number of them including my Father who was to all intents and purposes DEAF when he was without his hearing aids, anyway my closing on that particular section was, "I bet it wasn't the deaf person who was insisting on the term hearing impaired."
The facy that the Political correct term even exists is something I find offensive, and I'm sure if you were to ask any journalist whether his/her editor would print an article which did not follow the PC version they would tell you no, so while you as an individual can calmly say "I've never been asked to use PC language" that doesn't make it any less real.
You just have no idea how relieved I am to hear that you are in favor, (American spelling, do you know anything about what happens in Australia?) of Christmas!! WOW I could care less what you believe in, I noticed though that you stopped short of declaring yourself a Christian, you did not, by the way "POST" this you commented on my post.
I hardly think it is worth discussing the "if I lived in Iran, China, or India" because I don't, and I'll venture a guess that you don't either, the point is, if I did I would NOT expect them to change their views, laws. or lifestyles just to suit me, in return for my understanding this, I would like the minority groups who come to live here in Australia to reciprocate.
Have you had the pleasure of preparing an advertisment for staff, or applying for a job recently? do the words, applicants, candidates, team players and the like mean anything to you? The day I am drawn over the coals by a female for offering employment to a female is also a long way off.
Unlike you, in your closing line, I really don't know where you are coming from or what your point of view is, should you care to go to the trouble of coming out of hiding and/or opening your own blog to express your views please let me know, we can discuss them there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Hey - no disprespect intended. You seem a decent fellow. Merry Christmas.

No, I'm not in Australia, and don't pretend to know its ways or customs. I especially don't know anything about how Christmas is celebrated there, or not, which is why I didn't comment about it. I AM Christian, very much so, but I had a feeling you wouldn't care. I read your post, and the comments of your readers, and saw that they included Christians and non-Christians. So I didn't think my religion was relevant to the discussion. But I suppose it could be, I guess. Anyway, you brought it up, so there it is.

In your reply to me, you say: "Did you bother to read what I said regarding deaf people...my closing on that particular section was 'I bet it wasn't the deaf person who was insisting on the term hearing impaired.' "

I did read that section, but what you actually said was "“You can bet it wasn’t the guy with...the hearing aids who voted in the new terminology." That's different - granted, maybe not to you, but that's different. People who can benefit from hearing aids aren't "deaf." When you call everybody with any kind of hearing loss "deaf" you're going to upset a lot of people who already feel misunderstood by the rest of the world. No one likes to be labeled, especially with a label they feel doesn't fit them, and with a label they had no say in choosing.

I actually think I will ask a journalist about using so-called "non-PC" language, though the answer may be different in the States than it is in Australia. I don't know. But here, they use the term "deaf" when talking about deaf people, and "hearing impaired" when talking about hearing impaired people. I know newspapers have always used "style guides" for consistency in terminology, and because they have an interest in selling papers and not upsetting their clientele. But your comment intrigues me enough that if I can find a journalist, I will ask.

I'm not really hiding - I just don't have a blog or blogger id, so it's not like I chose to "hide" my identity. Should I have?

One last thought - and I hesitate to mention it, because I don't want to inject religion into your blog if you don't want to go that direction, out of respect to you. But since you brought it up - From a Christian point of view: wasn't Christ a vocal leader of a "minority group"? Should he have just been content to follow the traditions and customs of the majority? I don't know, maybe he should have; but that doesn't seem like the kind of argument a Christian would make.

In all honesty, though, you seem a decent fellow, and I really do think I get where you're coming from.

A fan,


Charlie Cory said...

Excellent post, succinctly put. If correctness comes from politicians, then it must be b*ll*cks.


Silver Streak said...

Some of these are funny because they don't apply to my religion.