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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More on the latest software.

As there has been such a high degree of interest in the latest software,

we are publishing an update; some of these programs come with

desirable features which we will try to point out to you.

Software Updates.

GirlFriend 2.1 (virgin 2.1) is now available and comes guaranteed free of

virus’s, this guarantee does not continue after installation, most of the

irritating features have been fixed with the conversion to USB
(user satisfaction base.)
There are still some problems with the uninstall program, for all versions

of GirlFriend, small segments are left in the system and can pop up at

inconvenient and embarrassing times.

The efforts for GirlFriend 2.1 to inter-act with Wife 2.0 have been

dramatically reduced.

Wife 2.0 is also now available, some, but not all, the resource hogging

has been worked out, we have managed to break the connection to

MS Money, and lessen the affect on programs like PubNight 7.0,

PokerNight 8.3, and BeerBash 2.5, however we believe a competitor

has a new release, Lawyer 1.0 and is promising very good results when

run in conjunction with Conflict 2.0.

The “Don’t remind me again,” and “Minimize” options were examined

at length but were both passed up because they made Wife 2.0 much

too hard to handle, as did the proposal to make the installation of

MotherInLaw 55.8 an option.

In response to requests we have a Beta release of Husband 2.0 this is

a very good looking program but in this early stage of development

requires an experienced operator to bring out its best points; this

will appeal to some operators as the Beta version allows a high degree

of “desired feature” input.

Some other breaking news is that SugarDaddy 1.0 and Mistress 1.0

have formed an allegiance which, if successful, will make both these

programs even more expensive.

Regarding the availability of Freeware or Shareware versions, while

the short answer is, yes they are available, there is a downside, they

are heavily laced with advertising which is impossible to avoid, who

wants to watch the demonstrations of all 100 positions even with the

film star look a-likes they feature….. I agree….. none of us.

Also now available are two completely new programs, GayGuy 1.0

and Lesbian 1.0.

GayGuy 1.0 comes in a lovely package with a pale chartreuse

background and a wardrobe that is completely in keeping with the

suave package.

Lesbian 1.0 by contrast is a little rough around the edges, and needs

a lot of work to bring it to the standard of the other products in the

range, we feel confident there will be an early up-grade of Lesbian 1.0.

There was a query for a program SexyMan 5.0, as this is a competitors

product, we can only give an outline of our test results, these show that

SexyMan 5.0 is inferior to our tried and tested BoyFriend 2.0 in the

following ways;

SexyMan 5.0 has a tendency to run in Promiscuous mode at start up and

needs to be forcibly put into FaithFul mode, which is where BoyFriend

2.0 resides happily.

SexyMan 5.0 has, at best, a tenuous relationship with all versions of

GirlFriend, while BoyFriend 2.0 enjoys an excellent relationship with

all especially GirlFriend 2.1 (virgin 2.1)


Carolyn said...

I wonder if the SexyMan and BoyFriend are protected against Daddy Based glitches. ?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Does that run on a Mac?

Jamie Dawn said...

These are funny. I'm just waiting for MegaBucks 1.0.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ This post relates to
honesty - the deeper in trouble you get. Have to remember who is who etc. Too complicated.
Thanks for yur comments - we will see about the plane episode, which
you will probably dispute. Remember Dad said I was right.

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ I got this one over the internet a while back. Every married (and previously married)guy I know JUST CRACKED UP at them. Wifes on the other hand, don't seem to have the same appreciation for them! Now moving on... not only are you bad mouthing my lack of POSTS, but now you've been mucking with your site and I see the stuff on the bottom again. I guess you went back to Firefox from IE! ~ Good luck! (hey... by the way ~ I did post recently!) ~ jb///

StringMan said...

I've encounteed that Lawyer 1.0 program, and I have to tell you it has this bug that drains your bank account like you wouldn't believe.

(fun post ... I came from Mike Ashley's crib ... or is it Hale McKay ... or It Occurred to Me ... whatever he calls himself).

Hale McKay said...

LOL - great follow up post.