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Friday, January 06, 2006

Tell Me A Story (Please)

I wanted to post this quickly, as I think the idea will take off and I don’t

want you all to expend your best stories before you get to mine.

So any fictitious story about me/us that you like, as well as the original

link I’ve put one in for Wordwhiz too.

Now this is an AWESOME idea, and since he said I could borrow it

(translation: STEAL it), I fully intend to do just that!

Please post a fictional memory you have about me in the comments.

Click the link to see what I mean and where I got this great idea!

I can't wait to read about our past experiences together!!


Karen said...

Peter and I have been on many adventures together with the gang, in the Outback. Crocks and snakes don't scare me, not when Peter is out there with his cunning skills. He wrastles the crocks and tosses the snakes over his shoulder without a hesitation. He's got more crock and snake boots than any man should.

We've had some good times at the pub, shots of whiskey, beer chasers, cussing worse a than sailor, and telling the crudest jokes. Then there's me, who sits and laughs.

Have a good one, Peter!

Foilwoman said...

I must have met you when visiting my uncle (which I had forgotten doing until now) when he lived in Brisbane. We took a drive out in the country (I was fidgety after the long flight from the U.S.) and the car broke down. You stopped by to help us, noticed we were foreignors, and gave me my beloved kangaroo stuffed animal (now headless and legless, but still beloved). A big treat for a 7 year old in 1968. You and my uncle got into telling tall tales; big fish, big game you'd hunted. Even though I was a little kid, I knew you both were making stuff up. It was quite enjoyable. So glad to be reminded of that very enjoyable day in my childhood.

FTS said...

Well, there was that time back in college where we went over to the frat house party and...

Oh. You didn't mean for me to tell that one?

kenju said...

I have great memories of the time I was in Australia on vacation and we met in the local pub nearest your house. My car had broken down and I was drowning my sorrows. You offered to help - and we ended up travelling all over Australia together. How about the day we climbed Uluru? It was so hot I almost sweated my body away! Good thing you had brought a cooler of iced water along. That's Peter - always prepared for the worst!

Big Dave T said...

I remember us corresponding about some spam I got recently that seemed to originate from Australia there. You said you hadn’t received any spam yourself, but you agreed to help track it down. While you worked on your end, I developed a software program that would not only track spam to its source, but disable permanently the computer responsible for sending it.

Together we were able to test my program and found the source of my spam, which was a computer server near Ayer’s rock, if I recall. Although many businesses contacted us to see if we would sell our program, we couldn’t agree on intellectual property rights and the deals fell through.
Oh, well.

LZ Blogger said...

I remember after you and I had put away two 12-packs of XXXX GOLD and started playing your grandmother's didgeridoo. I pulled out the old' Vegemite Jar and you and I put away five sandwiches each. Right before we climbed Ayers Rock. Hang glided down from it. We road two Kangaroos over to Cairns where we ate Morten Bay Bugs for dinner. Plucked a kookaburra and had the drumsticks for a snack. Killed and ate two good size Wombats for dessert. Swam the whole length the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns down to Brisbane. Jumped on two large dingoes, (from the Australia Zoo where we had to kick the hell out of not only two Crockies, but Steve Irwin too), rode them down to Sydney, where we went skinny dipping on Bondi Beach. Swam over to Manly Beach (appropriately enough) where we bought some clothes, took an Explorer bus over to the Opera House at Circular Quay where we sang “Les Miserables” to a packed house. Finished the day off by climbing to the top of the Harbour Bridge where we dove into the harbour and barefoot skied on the back of a Jet Ferry up the Parametta River, where we camped out for the night in the Blue Mountains. Just another typical day for the two of us, right Peter?

Jamie Dawn said...

I remember flying to Australia last summer. I was so tired after that LONG flight. I was walking out to get a taxi when you said, "Are you Jamie Dawn the American blogger?" "Why, yes, I am!" You offered to drive me to my hotel. We ate at the hotel restaurant and talked and laughed. You drank too much and started dancing on the table tops and singing to the top of your lungs. Secretly, I took pictures of you with my cell phone. I still have those pictures and can post them on my blog any time I want to.
Do you know what the word BRIBE means?

Paul said...

Would you please stop running around the Internet telling people I am your brother. Normally, I wouldn't care, but I'm still mad that you refused to bail me out...

Peter said...

Hi all, that was fun, funny thing is I remember all of the incidents you have reffered to as if they happened TOMORROW.
Karen I believe it was you telling those blue jokes my dear.
Foilwoman it's nice you remembered, not so nice to have ripped the head and legs from my gift though.
FTS, thanks for not telling that one mate, (Oz term for friend.)
Judy, what a time we had, I'm a little unsure what "always prepared fpr the worst" means?
Dave, yeah it;s a shame about all the loot eludeing us Bud, (US term for friend.)
Jerry, Jerry, they were supposed to be ficticious stories!!
Jamie, thank god you didn't have a tape recorder to capture?? those vocals.
PS, I'll buy those pictures so I can publish them!!!
Paul, I can only apologize bro... Ooops sorry, but you are the brother I always wanted... so I'd have someone to beat up.

jules said...

Well AFTER you and FTS had your drunken frat party and ended up at MY house.....damn censors must be kicking in Petey baby.

bornfool said...

Wow. You must spend a lot of time at that neighborhood pub, for as you know, that's where we met as well. I remember you introduced me to some good Australian beer. Heck, I thought Foster's was the only Australian beer before that.
I've watched way too much Steve Irwin and after a few too many of those beers I decided I must go out and find a Kangaroo to "toss."
At least I wasn't drunk enough to go looking for a croc.
Those roo's are a lot tougher than they look. Thanks for visiting me in the hospital. See you next time.

Peter said...

Jules,You really should be thankful for those censors, I must say I've never witnessed a performance like that before, and I think poor FTS is still in shock.
Bornfool, you shouldn't have taken Steve's word for it Buddy, that wasn't a Kangaroo he set you up with, being from the States I thought you would recognize a grizzly bear when you saw one, on reflection you probably would have too, if it hadn't of been for the last couple of slabs of beer.
By the way if you get back this way again, I managed to convince the hospital authorities AND Nurse Betty to drop the law suite, even so it might be wise if you took Queensland out of your next itinerary as some of the other people who were involved in that riotous evening may not be as forgiving.

Trucker Bob said...

Not sure that you want this one aired Peter, but the night you showed me why the song is titled "Tie me kangaroo down, boy" was something else.

Damn, they're unwilling participants are'nt they!

Carolyn said...

I'm still laughing over that little miscommunication we had in that pub late one night after I'd just flown in for vacation in the Outback and was looking for a handsome man to show me around. You tetered over and sat down on the stool next to me and said, what I thought was, "I'm Crockadile Dundee." But what you really said was, "I crapped a pile in me undee." It took me 3 days touring with you and a thick cloud of flies to figure that one out :D

Ms. Vickie said...

Peter--You have always had a sense of humor boy I'll
never forget the time I had just come for my first visit
and thought Steve Irwin was meeting me tome my own tourguide
instead to my surprise I find you. To heck with Steve give me
Peter never again

Jamie Dawn said...

Who said I DIDN'T have a tape recorder?

Peter said...

Bob, The song titlr is actually "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" and I was amazed at how quickly and fully entered into the fun of it all. (I hasten to add that no Kangaroo's were harmed by this incedent, some even gave the impression of enjoyment)
Carolyn, I would perhaps have preffered you had not told that story to such a vast audience, however now it has been aired, (so to speak) I must admit that those 3 days will live forever in my memory too, I have been guide to some swinging free thinkers before but I believe you hold the record in so many ways.
I must right a blog on some of them one day.
Vickie, yes I've often felt a little sorry for Steve, and he does get a little "put out" at times when his services are rated second to "Peter the Platypus Man" but after all he should know of the "When in Rome" aspect and now he's sharing himself around with Lions as well the crocs are gettin' sick of it..... where were we now ? What do you mean "give me Peter never again ? should I be offended ?

Peter said...

Jamie, you might be on a winner with that tape, read somewhere there is a search on for a new hurricane alert sound, that would strike terror into the hearts of all who heard it, too many people just ignore the current alarm evidently.
Should this become a national poll with a cash reward I will look forward to receiving my share of the proceeds.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Do you remember the time we were in north Australia, fruiting around with the freshwater crocodiles? Seeing how close we could get without getting snapped up? And you lost? Well, probably you don't remember that, now, seeing as how you are dead meat.

Peter said...

Hoss, this is the ghost of "Peter the Platypus Man" thanks a lot Bud, you're the only one who's story had me as dead meat, if'n ghosts could really fly 'n all that other stuff they're supposed to be able to do I'd be right on over to Ooregon 'n I'd just haunt the hell outa you.

Ms. Vickie said...

Oh Peter Never again as in I'll never need Steve again cause I have the best now that I hooked up with you....who needs him now? Sorry I was told today many times my attempt humor lacks. Maybe I shpuld just write motivational.

Peter said...

Vickie, explanation accepted, I must admit I was surprised when I thought you were saying never again to me, as my memories of our time together were more filled with yes..yes.. YES... oh YEEEES...

Marcus said...

Boy you've sure got all those Yanks sucked in with that macho Crocodile Dundee/Steve Irwin bulldust haven't you! I've known you my whole life and the nearest you've ever been to a crocodile is a wallet from Myers for your 21st birthday! Wait till they hear the truth, that we met backstage at the Opera House after you'd just completed Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto recital accompanied by the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra. Boy you could really tickle those ivories and you cut a suave figure in a bowtie and tails. Such a shame about the accident in 88 that crushed your left hand. I was shocked to hear you'd had to have it amputated! Still, I thought if anyone would be able to learn to play piano with a hook it would be you but alas, you never had the heart for it after that. Last time I saw you you were making wooden toys and repairing piano accordians in that little shop on Chapel St Prarahn. You looked sad and your eyes were distant as if you were dreaming of those glory days touring the great concert halls of Europe, night after night of standing ovations,the encores, the flowers, the beautiful women, those were the days weren't they?

Peter said...

Ah Marcus, I could always rely on you for two things, to be fashionably late, and to bring back sad and haunting memories of a long gone past.
You were closer to the real story than you realised when you mentioned the "accident in '88" that was my first encounter with a live crocodile, it cost me a career in music and my left hand.
But it opened up a new door, which , when I passed through it, has become the new centre of my world, the study of tribal customs and teachings of the Gudzalda-Gudzalda tribe of far Northern Australia.
It is from their teaching of the spirits of the earth and her creatures that my fame as "Platapus Man" has come.
So you see my old friend it is not all a hoax that you have seen, my exploits since we last met, let's see, was that in '86 ? have in fact been much as chronicled in the stories you have chosen to scoff at.
I don't often tell this story as it tends to dredge up old memories that are best left in the urn of things best left alone, farewell music lover.