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Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1st 2006.

Hi folks, it’s April 1st here in Oz, I realize our time is a bit ahead of other parts
of the world, but figured you would be able to apply your own time to this post
and read it as though it is “April fools day” right now.

If my spies have given me the correct information there are no fewer than three
birthdays to celebrate today;

“Bornfool” celebrates his 43rd today, he is so proud of his birth date that he
adapted his blog title to suit it, Happy birthday Tom.

Next on the list we have “mreddie” can’t quote you an age for Eddie but the
rumor has it that he is over 21. Happy birthday Eddie.

Last, but by no means least “Junie Rose’s” husband Charles also celebrates
his birthday, Happy birthday Charles.

While I’m feeling benevolent, I would like to welcome “Jacqui” to the blogging
ranks, Jacqui had the VERY dubious honour of being my first wife and the
mother of my/our four children, thank you for that Jacqui.

I am a little hesitant to ask you to pop over and say hi, because you all
responded so wonderfully when daughter Vicki’s site was launched we are still
hopeful that Vicki will be able to blog sometime soon.

So I will leave it up to you whether you visit Jacqui.

Dateline; your town April 1

Defense Attorney: Will you please state your age?

Little Old Lady: I am 86 years old.

Defense Attorney: Will you tell us, in your own words, what
happened the night of April 1st?

Little Old Lady: There I was, sitting there in my swing on
my front porch on a warm spring evening, when a young man
comes creeping up on the porch and sat down beside me.

Defense Attorney: Did you know him?

Little Old Lady: No, but he sure was friendly.

Defense Attorney: What happened after he sat down?

Little Old Lady: He started to rub my thigh.

Defense Attorney: Did you stop him?

Little Old Lady: No, I didn't stop him.

Defense Attorney: Why not?

Little Old Lady: It felt good. Nobody had done that since my
Abner died some 30 years ago.

Defense Attorney: What happened next?

Little Old Lady: He began to rub my breasts.

Defense Attorney: Did you stop him then?

Little Old Lady: No, I did not stop him.

Defense Attorney: Why not?

Little Old Lady: His rubbing made me feel all alive and excited.
I haven’t felt that good in years!

Defense Attorney: What happened next?

Little Old Lady: Well, by then, I was feeling really "spicy" that
I just laid down and told him "Take me, young man. Take me!"

Defense Attorney: Did he take you?

Little Old Lady: Hell, no! He just yelled, "April Fool!"

And that's when I shot him, the little bastard!


bornfool said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Peter. Going out to dinner with my favorite lady tomorrow (today for you, lol.) No other plans. Life is good.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I didn't see that last line coming...that was funny.

LZ Blogger said...

Funny stuff Peter! You are always so far ahead of me. I am just getting ready to call it a day and take my bride out for dinner on a Friday night, anfd here you are into Saturday! If you want to go back in time! Give me a call. I think the DATELINE is somewhere around Papeete, Tahiti! ~ jb///

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Really funny joke, thanks.
Also many thanks for sorting out my last post. Don't like the sound of Last Post, so will say my previous entry.
You sure are a Mr Fixit, for which I and others are very grateful. Cheers.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Great GREAT story, Peter. Funny indeed. Maybe I will steal this.

Hale McKay said...

That was a good joke - especially for April 1st.

bubba said...

I loved the joke.

Big Dave T said...

So if it's tomorrow there already, hmmmmmm, can you check the newspaper there and, like, give me the winners of the NCAA basketball tourney. I can see myself making a ton of money gambling on the winners now.

migrante said...

hey nice blog.
saludos desde tijuana mexico

FTS said...

Greetings and salutations from the great state of Colorado! I'm settling into my new digs and have already climbed a mountain.

Things should evolve back into some sort of routine now, so I hope to see more of you now. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha, tee, hee!!

I didn't see that one coming! Great April Fool's joke.
I wonder WHERE she shot him? Between the eyes or...
between the legs?

kenju said...

Funny joke! Peter, I will go and visit Jacqui in a few minutes.

Maria said...

Here's another to add to your April 1 birthdays. Joy over at Joy of Six became a Grandmother today... a baby boy, Bastian Grey.

Bridget Jones said...

Heh heh heh good one!!! Thanks for dropping by!!

Bridget Jones said...

Wow thanks for the link, Peter! I am truly honored!!!

StringMan said...

Happy April Fools Day to you, Peter, you ol' fool. Do you do Daylight Savings Time down under? We just skipped the clocks ahead one hour ...

Cliff Morrow said...

ding ding ding-- There's one I hadn't heard. Very good.

Miss Cellania said...

Not only is it a funny joke, but I can also totally relate. I'd have shot him too!

mreddie said...

Thanks Peter for the birthday wishes - and it was year number 65. ec