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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's Monty's Birthday

If you haven't been to say happy birthday yet, get on over there!!

For anyone who hasn't picked up on the fact that today, (April 19) is the

Birthday of a fellow blogger, the lovely Monty.

Hope you have a great Birthday Monty, and
I'm sure I won't be the only one who
remembers you today.


The Heir said...

Hey grampa, thats the one!! Awesome, my email is tha_third_rat@hotmail.com
Am still sorting out a flight to the UK from there but I will make it for the 30th if that is at all possible, should be... will be... yeah it'll be fine!!
Looking forward to it!!

Jacqui said...

Actually it wasn't either, I have been feeling a little "under the weather", that's a curious expression, since friday, aching all over, but I didn't want to let the kids know, as I love having them here and didn't want them not to come. So last night it all really caught up with me, but I'm feeling considerably better today.
It's great that Zac is going to get a chance to visit, looking forward to seeing him.

StringMan said...

I'm going to her place in the hope that she will provide A Full Monty in return.

aka_monty said...

Peter, you're such a doll! :)
Thank you so very much!!!!

*HUGS&SMOOCHIES* to you and Carolyn. :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Thanks a million for the lesson in etiquette, Peter.