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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful one day... ????? the next.

Beautiful sunsets are pretty much the normal thing in
but I must say I could see the irony in this cartoon.

I have mentioned my very good mate Alan who passed away in Oct 2004,
before on the blog,Big Al and I had been best mates for just over 50 years,
we both had 4 kids, all very similar in age, we followed similar career paths
for many years as well.

I have of course known Alan’s wife Jeanette for the same period of time and
we have also been good mates.

Jan has very recently started a blog site, I would like to think the decision
was influenced a bit by me, I’m pretty sure this will be a very good blogsite
as Alan and Jan did lots of traveling, had a great family from which to draw

Jan has been a source of lots of material I've used here over time, so I
suppose that well will have dried up too, much as happened when my
sister started her blog herons nest.
(note to self... quit promoting blogs to your contributors.)

It would be nice if some, (or all) of you good people who read my blog would
call in and say hello to Jan…. thank you.

By the way, if you click on any of the photos on the photocubes on my
sidebar they will open up, another click returns them to the cubes.


Carol said...

I was looking through some of mums pictures last w/e and found a few of the "Three Bears". I think that should be a blog post!!!!!

Funny you should mention the content items, I am now torn between who to send them to, you or mum !!!

Thank you for your help on getting mum up and running, it has opened up a new world and interest for her, and she has introduced it to another friend, and now Rylie is having a go also.
Can I just ask a favour mate:(not waiting for a reply, because I know the answer)
"Can you take over all the queries and phone calls !!!" (Having a bit of a chuckle as I type this.) Mum says "Carol, you should get into it also".. well I mean between the three of them .. I dont think I would have the time !!!
Thanks again Peter for the distraction !!!!
Hugz & kisses

JunieRose2005 said...


SEE ?? That poem I wrote about you was sooo true... about you being so helpful to everyone! :)
Very nice of you to encourage your friend Jan in this blogging adventure!

I'm sure you won't run out of blogging material yourself- so don't worry!


Marcus said...

G'day Pop

As you're mentioning people providing you with blogging material
we heard a VERY funny joke which you'll love, John Wayne even gets a mention. I can email it but you really need an accent for best effect.

Trust me, this is gold! Real top shelf stuff!

Have I convinced you yet?

I see you've upped the ante with a second photo cube!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for stopping off at my blog today, Peter! ;o)

Meow said...

Hi Peter, thanks for the intro to Jeanette's blog ... it is wonderful. I will be bookmarking it and visiting often.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy your week.
Take care, Meow