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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Double Chocolate Dip Please.

It's My Funeral and I'll Serve Ice Cream
If I Want To

Anyone fancy a double choc dipped special, for no particular

reason I've been giving some thought to my big send off,
I'm hoping that it's a fair way off yet but when it comes
around I'm thinking "Happiness" not sorrow.

When I read an article from the New York Times recently
expounding the joy of an ice cream truck with treats laid on
for the guests at a funeral I was sold instantly.

Pretty near any time of the year ice cream is okay in my
home state of Queensland, so unless it's summer time
I had better plan on departin' from here in Qld.

I don't know just what to suggest if it's cold, wet, wintery
weather, unlike some other places we are not big on foods
like hot dogs so my executors may have to use some of
their executive powers to solve that one.
(note to executors: maybe a package deal on some quality
Fush and Chups could be arranged?)

As long as everyone knows I wanted to buy 'em an ice cream.

The one major disappointment in my life has been my
complete inability to instil some musical taste into my
children, I despair of ever having them appreciate the beauty
of country music.

I have, over the years, accumulated some 1200/1300 CDs, of
which well over half are country music, we are talking about
700/900 CDs here that my kids don't like, I must add here that
my favourite daughter tolerates the genre, but I feel confident
in saying, does not want to inherit the collection.

Of these CDs there are 50 by my favourite artist, the late Slim
Dusty, out of sheer cussedness, my children have declared Slim
to be a no-go zone.

As a part of my pre-planning of the "Great Day" I have devised
a method of distributing my Slim Dusty CDs in a manner in
which the recipients will feel obliged to keep their little gifts,
"I'm gonna donate to all the good folk who attend my send off
A CD by Slim Dusty" should the number of guests somehow
exceed the number of Slims CDs we will draw on some more of
my favourites to make sure no one goes away empty handed or
in need of an ice cream.

There is a long standing arrangement that my son Marcus will
conduct the send off service, I herby give permission to each and
everyone who attends to boo and hiss if he doesn't come up with
anything nice to say about me, I have also given permission to
lie a little if necessary, never let the truth stand in the way of a
good story has been a family motto for many years.

Now should any of my Cyber Buddies out there feel the need to
attend this little get together I have given Marcus the keys to
holtieshouse with instructions that he post a farewell message
on my behalf, you will probably need to be pretty quick about
booking your flights to Australia if you are from overseas as I
am not gonna be able to hang around waitin' for you.


wazza said...

Hey Pete when's this gonna happen as I'd love to add some Slim Dusty CD's to my collection.....eeeech!!!!! altho' I must admit I like country music and have a fair wack to them amongst my collection.
'Tis good to see that the Holtie kids have some 'good taste' in their music selections.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Do you have a tentative date planned yet? I need time to get my passport in order cause I'd really like to have one of those Slim Dusty CD's. I heard him somewhere, I can't remember.

And how can you ask me to boo & hiss at Marcus...he's so handsome!

I also love your family motto, "never let the truth stand in the way of a good story." I'm sure Marcus will put it to good use.

About the ice cream...I love creamcicles and also pistacio because I can never find any here. Maybe you can arrange for some at your funeral, even if it's in the winter. Ya know, that's the best time to eat icecream...it doesn't drip all over you.

Hope you're feeling OK.

Granny said...

I didn't know Australia had country music.

Strangely, I'm watching a Hee Haw rerun as I type this. Do you know Hee Haw over there?

Anyhow, I googled Slim Dusty. He's well known over here - appeared on the Grand Ol Opry.

The Heir said...

Ive got one major objection to that post grampa: the use of the term "country music", i think you will find that a more correct term is "country noise" or "torture; country style" ...all those cds and yet no music...
As for the big day, im assuming theres going to be plenty of "mashed paupau" going around??
One condition: your not allowed to die until i have my own 4 generational photo with you, dad, me and my kids in it. Dad got one with us and pa and i want one too!
love ya

jules said...

Ah hell, Petey, you're too mean to die.

Christina said...

Country music is all right (I guess), but I've never heard of Slim Dusty. How about some good old Rolling Stones or AC/DC? I will take a double chocolate ice cream though!

Raggedy said...

You are too ornery to go anywhere.
But I will have an ice cream while you are still here...
You can keep slim...
You need to go listen to my Saturday post...That gal will make you swoon...
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huge huggles
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

bornfool said...

Sounds like a great send-off, Peter. I'm trusting that it's not going to be for a good while yet. I'd like to meet you alive first. :)

HeresLucy said...

Dear Peter,

I'll have a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream and all your Keith Urban CDs.

Your pal, Lucy

p.s. can marcs continue with the blog jokes pls.

Jim said...

The children of a deceased friend of mine rented our local Outpost Tavern, bought beer till people left, and had three tables of eats.
I'll post that one someday soon [He loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me
Someday soon,]

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Some people have no taste
do they? Do you have any Keith Urban?
I don't, but like him on CMC on Pay TV
You better choose your final song, cos it doesn't sound like your kids will.
Two of mine are OK John and Julie, not
too sure about the other 2. Anyway, all this talk of funerals, even with ice-cream is depressing. So let's not
go anywhere,just yet. Love, Merle.

Marcus said...

Great post Pop

I'll be having a double choc-dipped Mr Whippy in your memory, I'll probably eat it during the service.

You make it hard, insisting I say nice things about you at the same time as distributing Slim Dusty CD's to the unfortunates left behind!

I'll have bowls of green jelly beans, tins of condensed milk (mashed pawpaw) and some "pink" mousse for the guests as well. Perhaps if we have the service in a suitable venue we can do the right thing with the mousse as a finale.

I agree with A I P, you need to commit to a date so we can all do some forward planning! It doesn't have to be soon, just so we can get it in the diary!
May I say too that she is a fine judge!

I concur with Zac, a 4 generational pic is a minimum requirement before dispatch, though this is the first time I've ever heard him mention having kids so I'm not sure what's afoot there.


DellaB said...

How about, Peter, if you want to be really organised you could post a list of all your Slim Dusty titles, and we could put our names on them? You know, so there wouldn't be any arguments after you know when...

hokey pokey?
rum and raisin?

Jacqui said...

Love the post, and I'll be quite happy to have a Slim, in the meantime, keep well, jacqui

Hale McKay said...

Billy Joel in song said "only the good die young."

Well, let's analyze that fact. You are still alive, therefore you aren't young. Hmmm good ...?

Meow said...

Hmmmm, bit morbid, but very clever post, Peter !!
I'll have some butterscotch crunch icecream ... yummy !! And Slim Dusty is cool ... I just finished putting some on my iPod.
Hope you are well though, and this is not a forewarning of things to come.
Take care, friend ...Meow

Norvona said...

Interesting post. Peter, but I hope you are planning on hang around a bit longer. Wouldn’t it be great to be 100? I’m shooting for at least that.

When my mother had cancer my uncle told her that she was not going to die because there wasn’t any where for her to go. He said they didn’t have a place for her yet in heaven and the devil didn’t want her in hell trying to run things. Guess he was right, that was 25 years ago and she is still here!

Maybe that’s your case too, huh? Take care of yourself so that I can send you a happy birthday wish on your 100th!

I finally finished my blog on friendship and quoted you. Have a look.
Norvona http://norvonagdj.blogspot.com/

Suzz said...

Country music and chocolate ice cream -- this sounds like a great send off! Hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea, 'cept I'm taking at least one Willie Nelson with me.