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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Dung Beetle Song

These are the words of the Dung Beetle Song from yesterdays post they are
here for the benefit of anyone who couldn’t open the link.

Raggedy was the only one to ask for them but there may have been others too.

The Dung Beetle Song.

I live in a paddock on a dairy farm

I’m a happy little chappie and I cause no harm

My friends and I have a job to do

And we don’t stop until we’re through

I’m a dung beetle and so are my mates

Munching at a ferocious rate

The munchings hard and the hours are long

But we just keep on singing our song.


Dung dungee dung dung dungee dung dung

Dung dung didelee dung dung dungee dung

Dung dung didelee dung dung dungee dung

Poo didelee dung dung, dung dung.

We’re a happy team and we love our job

There’s Roy and Neville, James and Bob

We joke about this and joke about that

Right in the middle of a big cow pat

We’re up in the morning well before you

We start work at a quarter to two

It’s happy work and it never stops

We get right in amongst the plops.

Repeat Chorus

There isn’t much variety

It’s the same for breckie lunch and tea

I don’t eat casseroles or stews

My diet just consists of poos

No need for a lunch box top

I’m eating while I’m on the job

We clap and laugh, we laugh and clap

Even though this job is crap.

Repeat Chorus

Written by Peter Denahy


wazza said...

Hey Pete I love it when you "sing" on the computer 'cos when you sing out loud it ain't nice. Don't give up your daytime job....oops I forgot you're retired....retired so that's why you can post at 2.33am...just as well you're retired with these hours 'cos I'd be tired too.

LZ Blogger said...

And who says you can't make a living out of CRAP? ~ jb///

Big Dave T said...

Not as catchy as Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, but then again, that was a classic.

DellaB said...

I was wondering about the 2.33am too... but on an unrelated topic, Peter, I have posted a question in the forum about the way my blog displays in the Firefox browser.

I was hoping to impose on any of your readers who might be able to help me - or using Firefox - to post any suggestions into the forum ...

Forum link is on the blog page at http://www.turningsixty.com.au/tsblog - Talking About Blogs


Lisa said...

I'm about to have dinner, so I'm going to avoid reading that as much as possible. although I did just spy "my diet consists of poos"...that could help the weightloss issue lol

Thanks so much for joining up with 2996 Peter. I think it's wonderful that you've signed up! :D

Raggedy said...