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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

These are FUNNY

Now then, there are some things I need you to do;

(1) I want you to send all the children out of the room.

(2) I want you to park your inhibitions someplace else.

(3) I want you to forget about your political views.

(4) I want you to select your most receptive to fun stance.

(5) I want you to enjoy these hilarious cartoons as much as I did.

(6) I want you to tell me if you were so offended that you removed
me from your blogroll, it's only fair that I do the same for you.

Special note to Miss C. you need to see these pics or the post is

Question... Is this the biggest prick in the world today?

I'm just askin'... Please read my disclaimer at the foot of the current pages.


Cazz said...

Hi Peter,

Well loved the pics, but I did notice the absent AUSSIE prick, the mind boggles as to who and what that would be !!!!!


Gazza said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Loved the Mexican one.

Not good news on the camera front. I had mine checked out, looks like $300.00 to fix it, it's an automatic lense focus problem....... Bummer

Margaret said...

Fred's Vicki would really appreciate this post. Cheers Margaret

Jeanette said...

HI Peter
Your still on my blog roll.. had a good chuckle well who do I pic
Israel with A close 2nd Mexico
Take Care. Jan

kenju said...

OH, YES!!! The last one is the biggest prick of all!

jules said...


Christina said...


Enjoyed the illustrations, didn't see the punchline coming. So funny!

Laurie said...


Meow said...

Hahahahahaha ... well done, Peter. I can't imagine anyone would be offended ... I sure wasn't !!
Have a great day.
Take care, Meow

Jim said...

That (big, 'biggest') may be too much an honor for him.

LittleJen said...

Very cute, who comes up with these things.

Cliff Morrow said...

You forgot Hillary, Ted, Nancy.....

No_Newz said...

Hahahahaha! that was too funny!

Jack K. said...

You also forgot Howard, Ruddock, Hastert, Foley, etc.

Loved the disclaimer.


Karen said...

OMG, those crack me up every time I see those, thanks for the laughs!!

I hope you're having a great day!

Meow said...

Just dropping by to wish you a happy weekend, Peter.
Don't get up to too much mischief, will you !?!?!
Take care, Meow

DellaB said...


Granny said...

No doubt about the biggest at all.

You're still on my blogroll although now I have to make sure I actually put you there.

Knew I intended to.

Granny said...

Oops. You are now.

Is that A Boy Named Sue I hear in the background? Hysterical even after all these years.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey, you've got to make that top pic (the one with the cactus) your avatar, Peter.

Hale McKay said...

Those were just GREAT, Peter. I agree with one of the othere commenters - where's the Aussie one?

Peter said...

If there are any budding artists out there who want to design an Aussie icon, I'll be pleased to publish it, How about Steve Irwin with a croc under his arm a bit like France????
Or maybe wearing an Akubra hat with some tinnies of VB someplace??
The possibillities are endless for New Zealand and would feature a very worried looking sheep... Oh... if only I coud draw.