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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Elvis is alive and well in Parkes.

The rural town of Parkes in Central NSW are holding their 14th
Elvis Festival this coming weekend to celebrate the
Kings Birthday.

Elvis is alive and well in Parkes NSW.

In the early 1990s, Bob and Anne Steel grew tired of the lull that Parkes experienced every summer.
Realising that "The King's" birthday falls in January, they dreamed up the Elvis festival... to the great displeasure of several locals, the first festival was held on Jan 8th 1993.

The Steel's built a large restaurant as the main venue for the Festival, they gave it the unlikely name of Graceland!!

The inaugural winner of the best Elvis was a local, Steve Lennox, Steve found he was constantly greeted as Elvis so decided to change his name to Elvis Lennox, he competes still.

Parkes is a town with a population of 15,000 and they have held their Elvis Festival each year since then with ever increasing popularity and crowds, it now takes up a three day weekend with crowds of over 5,000 attending the varied functions.

There are many competitions during the Festival these include;
Best Elvis impersonation.
Best costumed (for the vocally challenged.)
Best Priscilla, for the ladies.
Best Little Elvis and Lisa Marie for the kids.

There is the
Elvis Gospel Church Service. now held in the BigW Car park (having outgrown the church where it all began) The Elvis Gospel Church Service has become a much-loved feature on the festival program. This special interdenominational service will return in 2007 to again pay tribute to Elvis' first love - gospel music.

On January 8th 2007 Elvis would have been 72, one imagines that may
have restricted the hip swiveling a bit had he lived on in real life as he has
in so many hearts around the world.

It would indeed be wonderful to hear again that famous;
"Thank You,,, Thank You Very Much" after a performance.

Parkes has another claim to fame as well, It is the home of the
Radio Telescope.

Weighing in at something over 1000 tons and measuring 64m
(70 yards) across, this is an impressive structure.

The Telescope and its uses

Astronomers use the Parkes CSIRO Radio telescope to measure the radio energy produced naturally by objects in the universe such as stars, galaxies and clouds of dust and gas. Occasionally the Parkes telescope will assist space exploration missions by acting as a receiving station to receive radio transmissions from space craft but our main job remains astronomy.

Parkes Dish - the movie star

The movie “The Dish” was loosely based on Parkes involvement with the Apollo moon landings. Parkes has also starred in television commercials, documentaries and even a Korean romance movie.


Anonymous said...

We knew when Elvis left the house he went somewhere. Down under is where he went. Good post.

Lucy said...

he he -- steve g's comment was funny.

I live about 16 hours from the real Graceland - but have never been there.

That dish - is huge!!! My first thought was it looked like some of those dishes in the Jodie Foster movie - Contact. We like that movie alot.

You sure they are not trying to contact aliens??

Zaac said...

i was gonna say the movie the dish is a much better claim to fame for parkes, great movie!! like the trucker joke below =]

Katherine said...

Huh, good to know America isn't the only country still gaga over the King.

kenju said...

I liked Elvis when he was alive and singing, but I can't figure out why everyone goes gaga like this.

Big Dave T said...

We have a few Elvis souvenirs ourself, including a sheet of Elvis postage stamps. I've heard he's the king of stamps.

Never really liked his movies or music, though.

Karen said...

The gossip rags are going to have a hay-day with this festival. Elvis sightings everywhere LOL

He was such a wonderful singer and I still like watching his old movies. May he rest in peace.

Have a great day! :-D

Lee said...

Elvis, in his prime...around the time he did the concert in that black leather outfit...was a stunning looking young man. I just wish he had dished Col. Tom Parker way back when. It was Parker who stopped him from 'growing' and doing the things he,Presley, wanted to do. If Presley had continued on with his serious acting...like he did in "King Creole"...his life would have run a different path, I believe. And he would still be here with us today for us to see what Elvis would be like at 72! Hard to imagine him being 72 though. It's sad his life ended the way it did. Long live the King! There will never be another Elvis, that's for sure...regardless of all the impersonators! ;)

Raggedy said...

RIP Elvis.
Good tune on your player.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Laurie said...

Long live The King!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ And I thought it was just us yanks who did this silly stuff? ~ jb///

Hale McKay said...

Was Elvis seen leaving Oz?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Elvis has left the planet...and gone to Parkes! Good on him.

Miss Cellania said...

I keep seeing NSW on your site, and I have to remind myself that probably mean New South Wales. Because I automatically read that as "Not Safe for Work"!

Granny said...

I lived almost around the corner from Graceland many years ago but never visited - just went by at Christmas to see the decorations.

And my boys' dad knew him when they were both teens in Memphis and almost exactly the same age. I thought he was making it all up but his mom confirmed it.