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Thursday, February 01, 2007

2007 Weblog Awards.

Just a quick reminder to call in to Margaret's site for a message

There has to be a winner somewhere, I've done all I can, it's all
up to you now.

2007 Weblog Awards.

Because the voting time is so limited I thought I’d better post a
reminder for anyone who hasn’t voted (and would like to) that
February 2nd is the closing date for votes, winners announced
March 12th.

Use the link below to find the Bloggies site, scroll down to the
categories, select HoltiesHouse (please) by putting a check in the
circle, scroll to the foot of the page, insert the code in the line
provided and your email address on the bottom line and submit it
you will receive an email asking you to confirm receipt of it… all done.

You can only vote once but you can vote for other categories as well,
you can vote with any functioning email address (hint, hint) thus
getting extra votes.

I am now quite serious about wanting to win (or at the very least
put up a good showing) so am seriously seeking you vote, I’ve
decided to stop short of buying votes (Laurie) and as I don’t know
quite how I can rig the count I’m afraid its all up to you now.


Don’t just leave me hangin’ here will ya.

the end


junierose said...

You got my vote, Holtie!!


Marti said...

Me too!

(I hope this doesn't duplicate - I lost my internet connection when I tried to send it before)

Lee said...

I've voted! I've voted, already! When can I expect a cheque in the mail, Peter? ;)