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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The saga of Washing Cats

After watching a very funny clip at Meow's which in
turn prompted a hilarious response from Robyn, I
felt compelled to join in with this post; enjoy!

How To Wash The Cat!

1. Thoroughly clean the toilet.

2. Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water.

3. Obtain the cat and carry him to the bathroom.

4. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids (you may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape). CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body too close to the edge, as his paws will be reaching out for anything he can find.

5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "power wash and rinse" which I have found to be quite effective.

6. Have someone open the door to the outside and ensure that there are no people between the toilet and the outside door.

7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.

8. The now-clean cat will rocket out of the toilet, and run outside where he will dry himself.

Sincerely, The DOG.


Raggedy said...

Thanks for the link to Robyn.
Poor Oscar.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Suzz said...

Ah, ha! So that's how to wash a cat. So I guess using the clothes dryer to fluff up Fluffy would not be a good idea.

Carolyn said...

Now THAT is exactly like something my dog would think up to do about my cat! LOL!!

Hale McKay said...

LOL! A perfect exclamation point - the grinning dog.

Well done, Peter.

Puss-in-Boots said...

what a diabolical grin on that dog, and no wonder...after what he did to the cat!

Good come back, Peter!

Jeanette said...

Hahaha Very funny peter Im glad I havent got a cat to wash still laughing at the look on the dogs face with designer teeth..

LittleJen said...

That is funny, am still giggling at that one.

DellaB said...

I heard something about this on the news today. Apparently there is an epidemic of 'how to wash your cat' videos doing the rounds and on mytube - people thinking up more and more outrageous ways to wash a cat, and then videoing the results.

I haven't seen any of them though, must go and have a look at meows, thanks...

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I hope the comment trauma is over. It took me a while to get here. That joke looks much better wit the pictures. Cheers, Merle.

Jack K. said...

As a cat owner, I am ashamed of myself for rolling on the floor and laughing my ass off.

That was really funny, and just when I thought it couldn't get any funnier, I scrolled down and saw that diabolical creature, the evil-grinning dog.

Great posting. The world needs LOTS more humour.

Cliff Morrow said...

This method doesn't work, I've tried it. The cats always drown in the toilet. But that's a successful cat bath in my way of thinking.

Margaret said...

Hi Peter, I am back. Thanks again for your support. Cheers Margaret

Steve G said...

I'll have to remember that, for when or if I get a cat.

Meow said...

Peter, I am being a traiter to the cat world again ...
that was exceptionally funny !!!
The grin on the dog's face is brilliant.
Take care, Meow

Donna said...

Peter, I wish I had known this 2 weeks ago when my cat came home stinking, I grabbed her, threw her in the kitchen sink (closest water vessel at the time) and was scratched from severely. Anyway my dog still thought it was funny.