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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Party’s Over.

Farewells at the Brisbane Airport.

The gang already rugged up for their midnight arrival in Melbourne, 1000 miles
south of Brisbane and considerably colder.

The Party’s Over.

It has been great to have Marcus, Carolyn and the two boys around for the last couple of weeks but they have left now to go to Melbourne so Marcus can hopefully see his beloved Geelong “Cats” win their first premiership since 1963, they are the red hot favourites this year so hope they can win the flag……. 44 years is long enough to wait I think.

We finished up the visit with two of days spent at the Gold Coast where the younger male members of the Holt clan wanted to visit some theme parks, they settled on “Movie World” and “Wet and Wild Water World” which they thoroughly enjoyed, (the older male member of the Holt clan declined their invitation to join them and spent one day browsing the shops with Carolyn and another recuperating by watching Die Hard 4).

There are a couple of humorous incidents reported at Holt Press in posts headed “Brisbane” and “Movie World” that you might get a chuckle from if you care to click the link.

I am now at Wazza’s for two days while he is at work and then we leave for a two week look around Sydney and the surrounding area…. you can expect to hear more of this trip in both blogs I would guess.

I am now about to set up a new wireless modem/router on Wazza’s computer so should we both disappear from the internet/blog world for an indeterminate time it will be because (a) It is not as simple as they say, or (b) I am not as clever as I think, (the more likely option.)

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aka_Monty said...

Hi Peter! I'm such a slacker, I know...

What a great lookin' family! And MOVIE WORLD? I want to go there. xox

Cliff said...

I'm glad the visit was good. Nothing better than family eh Peter.
I'm really hoping you and Wazza have the video cam charged up and ready in case something really strange happens.... sorry that didn't come out right. Of course something really strange will happen with you two together. I meant something 'unexpectedly strange.' Have FUN.

Willowtree said...

The Cats will take out the 2007 Premiership, there's no one even close to being as good as them this year.

Having said that, I'll just be happy to see them put the Pies out of the running tomorrow night.

And no, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, my Swanies have started their holidays early this year, so I might as well follow the side with the best chance, plus I hate the Pies.

Lee said...

I guess you felt a bit sad to see the family go, Peter...what an ungodly hour...but, I guess it gave you all an extra day together. :)

Pamela said...

Mixed feelings when the guests leave.

hey I need to go say hi to Wuzza as he came to visit my blog the other day.

Have fun!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Sounds like you had a great family time, Peter.

Tell me, is Sydney on alert for your and Wazza for the next two weeks...has the Chaser been notified? I shall be watching to see if you two turn up on that programme or Australia's Most Wanted...

Have a great time and don't go inciting any riots.

JunieRose2005 said...


Sounds like you had a good visit with your kids!!

...:0 hope you ans Wazza are having fun!!


2Peter said...

If I didn't think better of you Peter, I'd be wondering if you DID see Marcus out of the rear view mirror but was enjoying the spectacle too much to stop!

All the best..

Marcus said...

2Peter has got me thinking!......

Thanks again for having us and running us around Pop.

All going well in Geelong.

Go Cats