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Friday, May 09, 2008

Pensives Poetic License

Robin the Pensive one has set the May Poetic challenge;

As far as theme, let's go with May celebrations--OF COURSE you know about Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and Memorial Day, but did you also know May celebrates Asparagus Month, National Bar-B-Que Month, National Hamburger Month and National Mental Health Month?

Fun was the theme (not talent) so here goes.

Hi, my name is Peter
I’m a champion Bar-B-Que eater
I’m a meat eater see no asparagus for me
Just a good old burger for tea.

There once was a lady named Robin
Who kept all the poets a bobbin’
For poems presented she promised no wealth
Just good fun and good mental health.

My oldest son’s name is Alan
He drinks asparagus juice by the gallon
Though he’s healthy and fit, his features are green
And by the gas he exudes, you know where he’s been.


Robin said...

Peter, my dear...these are MARVELOUS! VERY nice entry for this month's Poetic License! I'll have to tell Brandon you had not one, but TWO asparagus mentions...he wanted to know who was gonna write the "smelly pee" poem.



Karmyn R said...

HA HA!!!! Love the first one especially. And I agree with you - no asparagus for me either.

Brandon Satrom said...

Peter, Kudos on working the Asparagus into two poems! Loved them all, but the last was my fave!

Walker said...

LOL Give me steak before asparagus any time.

ChrisB said...

These are fun, I'm not sure what your son will think about the last one LOL!!

Jacqui said...

That last verse is a bit below the belt.

karisma said...

I happen to like asparagus! But it does not mean that you will know where I have been! I do like that last one though! You are so poetic!

Hugs xxx

Pamela said...

bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha.. oh my belly is rolling.
love em!