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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wudinna United Football Club.

Just a run in the Park

At the time this photo was taken Rex's face was about the same colour as the headline above,
The football match had just finished and at 51 years of age Rex had kicked 2 goals 1 behind
of the teams score of 2 goals 2 behinds (that's the scoring terminology BTW it doesn't mean
that he had kicked anyone in the rear end) the sad part of this was that the opposition had
scored 25 goals 11 behinds so they were soundly beaten.
This did not detract from the fact that Rex had an outstanding game, he was slightly miffed
however to find that the player on the right of him was 53 years old, he also played a very
good game.
I ask that you remember that this is a farming area and many of the regular players are hard
at work seeding their crops now and are not available for selection, Rex's training regime
has been three weeks of 18/20 hour days either driving a tractor or organizing the myriad
of jobs that go to make this a really hectic time of year.
His opponents are very often young enough to be his sons and are usually pretty fit young
fellows, its not often that he has to lower his colours in defeat just the same.
The football team is the the stuff the glue that holds many of our country towns together
and Wudinna is certainly lucky to have the club/town spirit that Rex displays.


WT said...

Losing two two to twenty five eleven sounds pretty bad, but losing 14 to 161 sounds really bad!!

But as far as a personal effort goes, kicking two one is good in anyone's books.

Suzz said...

Hi, Peter, I'm finally getting caught up on blog reading and am so happy to hear Vicki has been diagnosed and is on the mend. I loved all the farming news, but since I'm not a sports fan, have no idea what the football talk was about other than Rex must be in great shape. You make Australia sound so beautiful that it is always fun to come visit your blog.

Jamie Dawn said...

It is great that Rex keeps in good shape and has an outlet for recreation. All work and no play would not be a good thing.
It sounds like he gives those younger guys some good competition.

Anonymous said...

hi dad..It sounds like Rex needs congrats on a great effort. There is not all that many 51 year olds that still run around like that! So please pass on my "well done Uncle Donald!" Hope Vicki is taking care.
Love Lyn xx

Doug Bagley said...

hey, anyone over 50 and still playing soccer has my respect, no matter how good or badly he/she played, lol.

Dave said...

Wow, I wish I could run around like that... *LOL*

Walker said...

As someone who used to play alot of team sports I think as winning is part of the game, playing was the funpart win or loose especially if you did your part and more and are pleased with your results.