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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holtieshouse from space

I found myself sitting in front of the computer today with no particular plan in mind.... a state of mind I often inhabit, and I chanced to open Google Earth.
As usual if you click on the images they will enbiggen and improve immensely.

With a few deft clicks I located holtieshouse and so...
a post was born.

If you haven't installed or had a play with Google Earth yet, I would recommend it to you, as you can see you can put names on things and save them to your files, as I have done here.
The "Cooloola Country Bed & Breakfast" pin was installed already and should rightly be moved up about half an inch.
This is obviously an old map, although it has been taken since I extended the length of my carport some years back, but the Service Station shown to the right of my house has been gone for a bit over 1 year now, the site is still vacant awaiting a commercial development.
On a brighter note the Jacaranda tree I have posted about is shown just to the left of my boundary and the tree in the right back corner of my yard is also a Jacaranda, what a shame the image wasn't taken in Spring, Gympie would have been lovely.


This image shows the location of Gympie in relation to some other places of interest, at the top of the picture is Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is a Queensland National Park and one of the loveliest spots on earth.

The bay between Fraser and the mainland is Hervey Bay which is a favourite winter home for Humpback Whales before they return to the Antarctic waters in summer.
If you continue down the mainland coast you will find the lovely little fishing village of Tin Can Bay, I lived here for 3 years when I first gained my "single" status about 14 years ago.
Inland some 45 Km is Gympie where I have lived for the last 11 years.
Back on the coast yo will see Noosa Heads, this is one of Australia's favourite holiday destinations and home to some our wealthy folk who have decided to call Noosa home.
A little further on you will find Caloundra, not marked here but only a few Kms inland is the site of Australia Zoo, made famous worldwide by its founder the late Steve Irwin, I stronly recommend a visit here if you get the opportunity.
Brisbane, Queensland's capital city, snuggles in between Redcliffe and Beenleigh on the map and again I recommend a visit if you are able, you won't be disappointed.
Inland of Brisbane is Ipswich, my Dad bred thoroughbred horses near here for about 20 years before retiring to Tweed Heads, which is located near the bottom of the map, for the last 4 years of his life.
The beach strip for about 30 Kms above Tweed Heads is the "Gold Coast" made famous by Surfers Paradise.

This map shows the city of Gympie with the Mary river cutting it into two pieces, the yellow marker pin still shows the location of holtieshouse.
Following the course of the river fairly closely is the Bruce Highway, it continues out through Two Mile then, this is the main highway through to Cairns and is part of the "Highway 1" that circles Australia

This Map shows in the top right corner the Gympie Hospital complex, that familiar yellow marker, and in the bottom left corner the Nestles factory where they produce Nescafe instant coffee.
Regular reasers will recall that I have posted about my home being invaded by the aroma of coffee when this plant is doing certain proccesses and the breeze is coming from the right direction, well this shows where the offenders live.
(I'm joking, the aroma is wonderful... I'm glad its not there all the time though.)


karisma said...

We had a play with that a while back and it was not too far off with the pic at that stage. Scary hey! There is absolutely no privacy these days!

kenju said...

You know how much I'd like to visit Australia, Peter, and your posts give me a little of that!

Our home on google earth was shown in winter time, when the trees were bare. I guess that's a good thing, since there are so many you could barely see the house it the photos were taken in summer.

Bulldog said...

If you like google earth, go to google earth and press, "ctrl" "alt" and "A" simultaneously, a flight simulater will start allowing you to fly into places al-quaida style rather than just looking at them! I recoment the one with propellers first.

Christina said...

too cool ! I love playing with google earth!

Rachel said...

Very interesting Peter! I tried to find my house before but never had any luck. Maybe I'll try again!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Google Earth is a lot of fun. I zoomed in on Mum and Harold's place and when I told Harold, he said, "Yes, I waved when you did that." Mad bugger!

Gattina said...

Google Earth is a wonderful invention ! Very interesting to see where you live !

Dave said...

I wonder if you've gone a bit further, and checked out Google Streets.
Here's your house I believe:

Is it the right one?

Cliff said...

I'm glad they're not manufacturing cheap perfume over there instead of coffee.
This is a great way to show us arounf. I use google earth a lot.

Walker said...

I tried Google earth once well i thought it was google earth.
Turned out I accidently hacked into the police spy saterlite as they had my house under servalence.

Got to love technology.

Ralph said...

I know about goggle earth but have never played with it. May have to start after reading your post.

Marti said...

That is so cool! My hard drive is almost full, so I don't have room to install it, but I sure loved looking at your pictures! Thanks for sharing - all the best to you!

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey, we got a bird's eye view of your place.
That's SO neat!!