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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fish and Chips at the beach

Friday Night = Fish and Chips for tea if you’re a good Catholic family…We are not Catholic but it didn’t take long to work out that because of the high demand on Friday night the best Fish and Chips were available then…. So that’s when we have them.

L to R; Aimee18, Lyn Mum to the two girls, and I'm not gonna be the one to say her age, Jenna 24 all snuggled up together.

Just a few minutes later when there was food on the scene they spread out a bit.

L to R; Walter, Jenna Me, Lyn, Vicki, Jacqui, Aimee.
Jacqui is the mother of my/our 4 children and Walter is her husband.

There was a crowd at the beach as lots of folk thought as we did, that after a fairly hot day, it would be pleasant down at the beach when the afternoon sea breeze came in... we were all correct!!!

After a fairly hectic day spent on reorganizing a normal suburban house into a party venue for 21 peoplewe finally got most of the chores done and started to think about an evening meal, we settled on some pretty elaborate hot-dogs and pizza's, with some fresh fruit salad to finish with.

Alan had almost finished cutting up the fruit for the fruit salad when we made the alarming discovery that we were out of condenced milk, for those who are not in the know this is a SWEETENED product made from sugar with a hint of a milk product as an aside, this is made by the chocolate maker Nestles and has been used as a topping for deserts in the Holt family for years, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say we are addicted to the stuff.

To the rescue on his bright yellow steed came the newest fringe dweller to the clan... Luke, the gallant boyfriend of Aimee, as luck would have it Luke among his other good points has a love of condenced milk too so without hesitation he rode quickly into the sunset to procure the product in question.

A triumphantant luke proudly displaying his bounty after scouring the neighborhood shops.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the big day when we all gather for the first (and major) christmas dinner and get together, this is nearly sure to provide some more stories and photos, so if you think you can stand the pace... come on back again.


kenju said...

Fish and chips make a wonderful dinner any day of teh week and I think I could even eat that for Christmas dinner!! I's good to see all of you having fun together, Peter, and I know that your being there is helping Vicki. How nice that you, your ex-wife and her husband all get along together.

Marcus said...

I think a clear line of demarcation needs to be established here Pop. There are two sorts of people in the world and in the family, those who like condensed milk and those who don't and despite sharing genes, we do not all share your taste for that horrible tinned gloop!

On the plus side, Fish and Chips are a favourite all round!

See you tomorrow.

Christina said...

Fish and chips are always good, and condensed milk makes a great topping for fruit!

Pamela said...

if you take a can of that milk and don't open it, but place it intact into water and boil it for (2 hours?) I'd better check that.
Anyway, it makes a wonderful caramel pudding@@@

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~No Condensed Milk?
A fate worse than death!!
Nice to see the photos and know you are all enjoying the
various get-togethers.
Continue to have fun and don't let Vicki get too tired
Love to you all, Merle.

Walker said...

You alll look like a happy bunch.
I miss the fish n chips over there.
The stuff they have here tastes like fishless batter.

karisma said...

Hooray for Luke! Saving the day! Fish and Chips on the beach is divine, especially after a long hot day! Nice to see all those smiley faces! Hugs xxx

Puss-in-Boots said...

Fish'n'chips at the beach, what a wonderfully typical Australian pastime...a favourite of most redblooded Aussies, I think.

As for condensed milk, I'm with Marcus...can't stand the stuff. I use it for cooking and baking but that's it.

Oh, btw, I've two cans in the pantry...

Cliff said...

The family and fish both look good.
The sweetened condenses milk sounds good but I'm sure my wife won't allow it, fearing that it might push me all the way to the coronary unit.
Glad to see the smiles. Especially Vicki's

Jeanette said...

Looks like your having a wonderfull time with the family..Fish and chips on the beach sounds good to me.. Merry Xmas .. Jan

Dave said...

I never had condensed milk on something like that.... hmmm!

Sounds like everyone's having a wonderful time....

In case I can't make it back this week, Merry Christmas Peter!