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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Road Train world records.

A quick follow up on this post

Even these big boys can break down, there is one man who makes his living
salvaging them, now THAT'S a Tow Truck.

Road Train world records.

In 1999 the town of Merredin, Western Australia made it into the Guinness Book of Records, when Marleys Transport made a successful attempt on the record for the world's longest road train. The record was created when 45 trailers, driven by Greg Marley, weighing 603 metric tons and measuring 610 metres were pulled by a Kenworth truck for 8 km.

In 2003, the record was surpassed near Mungindi, New South Wales, by a road train consisting of 87 trailers and a single prime mover (measuring 1235 metres in length).

The next record was 1,442 metres, set by a driver in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in a Kenworth owned by Doug Gould.

In 2006, a truck with 104 semi-trailers (at a length of 1,474.3 metres) claimed a new record at Clifton, Queensland


Suzz said...

Hi, Peter. Just catching up again. Hope all is going well with you and Vickie is on the mend. Really enjoy your history lessons, jokes, and wonderful photos.

Pamela said...

kind of like those old time strong men pulling a locomotive by his TEETH!
heh heh

kenju said...

Yes, like Jack Lalanne pulling an ocean liner with his teeth!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Those would rival some the coal trains I used to see when I was catching the train to work. They'd rattle past and would be about 1 km in length, with only one diesel pulling the trucks. Then they'd fill up and need two or three diesels to bring them back again.

However, those trucks are impressive.

Dave said...

*WOW* Now that's a truck-train!

Cliff said...

I wonder how they got the air pressure up on that many trailers. I have trouble with the one, I've got.

Walker said...

WHOA with trailers that long you can get there faster LOL
I hate to see them try a corner in the city ha ha ha