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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some more old photos

What to post?????

As they say in all the cooking shows on TV... Here's one I prepared earlier!!!!

More of those old slides.... they sort of fit the theme of my blog.... they're all Australian.

Dont forget to click to enbiggen.

A beautiful waterfall in Tasmania.

The ruins of Port Arthur penal settlement... (penal, that almost sounds rude doesn't it??)

Cradle Mountain, see it in the background and Lake St Clair in Tasmania.

For those who are fascinated by Australia's snakes this is the biggest one I've ever seen, about 12 feet long, but he is anon-venomous python so no need to panick, I DID stay well clear of him just the same.

A giant Poinciana tree in a park in Brisbane Qld.

Way down south to Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, the birds are all flocking around me again.

A lovely red bottlebrush

The sun back-lighting this leaf made an interesting image.

A thatched stable made from "Mallee Roots" when the Mallee scrub was cleared for farming land the last process was to dig up the Mallee stumps (roots) in many cases these were just heaped and burnt but many farming areas still use them as firewood scavenged from the huge heaps (The Foster's keep their house warmed in winter burning them) Mallee BTW is a small variety of eucalyptus tree.
As yet another aside; root is an Australianism for the sex act so mallee root takes on a different meaning in some (lower) circles.

Its important to keep the red posts on your left hand side when this alpine road is covered with snow!!!!

Mount Buffalo ski slopes in spring time, covered with wild flowers instead of snow.

A change of pace... Mount Tom Price open cut iron ore mine in the Pilbara WA.
The ore from this mine is so pure that they have to mix in some of the over-burden soil to make it meet the Japanese steelworks specifications.

The Pilbara is home to some very spectacular gorges, here blissfully unaware of the technology of the zoom lens these three lasses were taking a refreshing dip in the altogether.... they ordered prints when I told them about the technology.


kenju said...

I always enjoy seeing bits of AU, Peter. That waterfall is spectacular!

Jack K. said...

Great photos, Peter.

As for the Port Arthur ruins, it all depends on the spelling. lol

That is one gigantic snake. I would have kept away from it too. Thank goodness for zoom lenses.

The back lit leaves make a very interesting image. Good work. Not many folks think that artistically.

I do have one minor concern about the red posts. What if I am coming downhill? Hmm.

As for the nubile young ladies swimming in the buff, you were very kind to them to soften the image. It would have been nice for a clearer image, but you are a gentleman, aren't you? lol It was nice of you to accommodate their request for copies.

Christina said...

great pics! i love the waterfall and the leaf especially.

Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVE your post about men with bald spots on the back and front and both... very funny!

I clicked to embiggen that photo of the snake, and I nearly died. If I saw that thing in real life, I would hyperventilate and have cardiac arrest at the same time. HITONIOUS!!!!!!

Yes, penal does sound... well, very penis-ish.

I love the photo of you with all those birds. GREAT shot!!


Joy Des Jardins said...

Okay Mr. Birdman...what did you do to attract all those feathered friends? Did you put birdseed all over you? Did you enchant them with your singing prowess? What? Cool pic.

You were being very kind to those ladies swimming in the buff. How many pictures did you take before you finally told them you were there Peter? Come on fess up.

I love that giant Poinciana tree...beautiful; and the leaf is cool too. Won't comment on the snake...snakes 'oog me out.' Nice pics Peter. ~Joy

Dave said...

All nice pictures Peter... and always nice to learn about your beautiful country!

Pamela said...

yeah... I bet you just pointed & clicked. ha ha.

lots of wonderful photo material (and narration)

Always a treat to visit.