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Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Monday Oct 12

Wendishness is hosting Fun Monday this week.

This week it’s all about gadgets! I would like to know what gadgets you can’t live without and those you could get rid of. It doesn’t matter what part of your life or house they dwell in, whether it’s the kitchen, your desk, shed or any other place but what works well for you and what doesn’t? I would prefer you take photos but I know for some that’s not always as easy s0 do whatever works for you. Most importantly – have FUN doing it!

I've got to admit to being a gadget geek, (not that I understand their technology... I'm
just a compulsive collector) I've posted about some of these things in the past if you
want to have a look go to;
Global Positioning Sally.
Front loading washer
More on the washer

Meanwhile... back at the ranch,
A little over a year ago I bought a largeish LCD flat screen TV having become enamored
with them on a stay at FD and FOSSILs home. (Favourite Daughter and the extended
URL for Favourite Son In Law)
Sad to report it died, no, this isn't a rant about things that die just AFTER the warranty
expires, there is a generous 3 year warranty, its a rant about being deprived of the great
picture and also the video player/recorder that requires more cable connections than
my puny 2nd TV/or I am capable of making.
We have 2 major codes of football here in Queensland, both of which have played their
Grand Final matches on said puny TV, now I'm not fanatical about football, but these
occasions are just made for BIG screen TV, not puny size TV and I couldn't even record
them for later playback.... are we getting the idea about the gadgets I miss most?
All of the above just highlights the fact that I can't even try out the latest gadget I've
bought, A Media Player which will enable me to view my photographs and videos on the
big screen TV (no need to enbiggen!!!)
The service people are replacing the panel for me and have promised the return of my
toy as soon as they can meanwhile I'm stuck with PUNY... pas the Valium please.

This photo shows my new
Media Player waiting to be installed

While on the right you can see the puny TV in all its glory
(and probably some dust if you enbiggen the photos).

All of this without even a mention of my Computer... More Valium please.


Pamela said...

dust, huh. I'd be very comfortable relaxing in front of that old puny.
I wouldn't even offer to dust it for you. promise.

yeah.. I love my front load washer, too. But since I can't carry it in my hand I decided it wasn't a gadget. But I think you are right. It is.

Sayre said...

I think my TV is the one gadget in my house I COULD live without. Of course, I am at the "doing" stage of my life. My father has always been a do-er too, but as he nears the 70 year mark and is beginning to slow down, his TV is playing a bigger role in his day. I may be like that too at some point - but I"m not there yet!

Faye said...

It's just hell to have to break in new "Shes", isn't it Peter? Although in your wideopen spaces a bit of directions from old Sally might be a real handy thing even if she gets confused sometimes. . .

Hope you're re-united with your big screen soon. Do you sit in front of the dinosaur and just man the remote to keep in practice until the wide screen comes home? :-)

kenju said...

Your old "puny" looks good to me. But I do know how nice a large flat-screen can be, especially if it is HD. Our daughter has a great one!!

wendishness said...

It has to still just be dust from that recent dust storm ;) (I'll make your excuses for you).

Great post actually, should I say a superpost considering I went to read three other posts to catch up with the stories of the washing machine and GPS hahaha. (and though I'm partial to men, my husband is glad of that fact - I loved the picture of the two boobies!)

You know, when I got my compact camera (you'll see it on my blog), I took it out and thought it seemed small and simple enough to use, then yelled out "I think I need to go to get a University Degree to operate this thing!" so I read the manual and then I bought my DSLR....oh boy, still a year on and I am still trying to get my head around it!

Aren't gadgets fun! Thanks for playing Peter, I didn't realise you're another Queenslander (though I'm down on the Gold Coast)

Janis said...

I know all about "Puny"..its in my bedroom...My Hubs gets to watch the big LCD in the Living room while I am doomed to watch my shows on the outdated 19" in my B.room. Next year, I am getting me at least a 30" LCD for my own viewing pleasure. I think we are spoiled. Thanks for sharing Peter and Happy FM

Lil Mouse said...

my husband thinks our tv is puny and I've been putting him off a big/flat screen tv until we got a new house and now we are getting one, so we'll have to start seriously considering what we should/can afford to spend on one. Sigh. what fun! Although it will be nicer to have our American football games larger as well!

ChrisB said...

I have a large flat screen TV but given the choice I would do without the TV before the computer. If you think that TV is puny you should see the tiny one I keep in the b'fast room it only has 4 channels and is rarely used!

Dave said...

"Codes of Football"??? Not sure I understand the meaning of that Peter.

When does the BIG screen arrive???

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Yeah, once you've had bigger you can't go back.


Cliff said...

It's crossed my mind a time or two to try and get along without my dishwasher...
But Geez, we've been married like almost 40 years and she does have other, various duties that she's pretty good at.