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Friday, December 14, 2012

Nearly Christmas.

G'Day to anyone who has persevered with my blog while I have been absent, I felt a need to come by at least this one time (who knows what the future will bring?) and with the approach of Christmas what better chance, we will not go into the "Christmas" issue and whether it offends some people by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, suffice to say if this is the case Please stop reading NOW.
I have always been an advocate for the home cooked traditional fare at Christmas, but that was in the time that I wasn't the one doing the home cooking, not that I mind cooking... I'm just not very good at it and
don't have the patience for the finishing touches that can make the meal look so good.
I told you all that so that I can explain the store bought items in the photos, we start with a 700 gram "Coles" Christmas Pudding which they describe as 'A moist pudding bursting with 40% fruit and a dash of brandy' I can only agree with this description, and for the bargain price of $4.80 for 5 generous servings, topped with "Pauls" Brandy Custard at $4.20, a dessert fit for a king.
To wash this down a white sweet wine, Riccadonna Asti, which is an Italian wine they describe as 'sweet smooth and soft' again a description I would have to agree with, I go a little further and describe it as nectar of the gods, there are lots of excellent Australian wines that I often choose before Riccadonna but for that special occasion that's where I go , at $14.00 a bottle its good value too.
 I'm going to finish this post with my very best wishes to all the people I class as my friends, I hope your Christmas and the New Year are filled with joy, happiness and good health.

From your Aussie friend, Peter.


Lee said...

My goodness, Peter! I was beginning to think you'd deserted our bloggersphere forever! Good to see you!

It's too damn hot to cook anyway. I won't be. I have made a Christmas cake, but I intended having cold seafood (already ordered, to be picked up on Christmas Eve)...accompanied by crunchy-crusted bread, butter, pepper, salt and vinegar; and some chilled Jacob Creek Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. I'll be staying as cool as I can...showers have been predicted...how nice that would be!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas, Peter...enjoy it your way and relax...and I hope 2013 treats you well. :)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Sounds yummy, Peter .. and that Ricadonna is simply divine !!! One of my faves !!
Hope life has been treating you well.
Take care, Merry Christmas ...
Connie xxx

Cliff said...

Hello my friend. All I can shout is "He's Alive!" man is it ever good to see you here.
Your description of the food would make me drive at least a few hours to enjoy that with you. However, I'm not sure I could survive the flights in all of reality, so I'll pass and only pretend. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I totally understand Peter...I've been absent from blogging a lot lately. Merry, Merry Christmas dear friend. Health and Happiness in the new year...take care. ~Joy

Pamela said...

I'm finally touring some blogs --
What an interesting pudding!
I've never tasted Christmas pudding.
I have a pie that my mama made and her mama made for the holiday. (Sour cream raisin. Apparently spoiled cream and dried fruit was something that they could get their hands on even though times were tough for them) My girls could never appreciate it, but my eldest began making it and her elderly father in law, before he passed on, remembered having the same as a kid and loved it! Thanks for your friendship these years that we have become blogging buddies. I always appreciate you so!

Dave said...

Happy New Years Peter!

Here's hoping 2013 is very good to you and yours!

Rachel said...

Hi Peter! Hope your Christmas was great and Happy New Year to you!

kenju said...

Peter, I have been remiss in visiting blogs here lately, and I am sorry to be so late getting here. I hope you had a good Christmas and will have a great year to come.