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Friday, January 11, 2013

On The Road Again

I'm doing my Willie Nelson impersonation, no not the one with prohibited substances, I'm "on the road again", I'm visiting with my Sister at present... she has been having her share of problems again, a couple of falls in pretty rapid succession and is quite frail and shaky still, there's always something isn't there.

The next couple of weeks are pretty well booked up visiting friends and family, the friends range between 30/50 year friendships so its always a pleasant time when we can sit back and swap stories... true or otherwise!!!!

Will also spend time with Son Marcus and Family and Daughter Vicki so there are plenty of good times coming up in my world in the near future.

Australia is experiencing its hottest weather (on a whole nation basis) on record, this translates into Bushfires (Wildfires) throughout the 4 Eastern States, there has been anywhere between a dozen and a hundred fires blazing on any given day for the last 2 weeks.

Some of my Australian readers (if there are any left) will be pleased to here that I spent a few pleasant hours catching up with WT ( of a dingo's got my Barbie fame) I hadn't heard much from Peter for quite some time so was very pleased to find him in excellent health and spirits, this was not the case when I saw him last.

Well for an almost non-blogger that's about all for now I hope your New Year has started out as well as mine and will see you in cyberspace again soon???


Jack K. said...

The new year is starting off extremely well.

Please give Merle our best. We do send you all lots of positive energy.

kenju said...

Good to hear from you. Please tell Merle to get well soon and take it easy with the falling.
Safe travels, Peter.

Cliff said...

Well, your life is on an upswing except for Merle, we wish her well and hope she gets well soon.
Have fun on your visits and tell us about some of the stories or lies, which ever will be fine. We'll believe anything. We read it on the net afterall.

Lee said...

Please give Merle a big hug for me, Peter...I do so hope she's feeling much better soon. She's had a bad trot lately...poor dear. Give her my best wishes.

Please keep us posted. And don't be such a stranger - I know you've got a lot on your plate...but it's always nice to read your blog. :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

I've been a non-blogger lately too Peter. Hoping to be better. Happy New Year and love to you and Merle. Hugs to you both... ~Joy

Dave said...

Happy Traveling Peter!
Heat? Want our 3+ feet of snow?? *chuckling*