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Thursday, February 21, 2013

All's Not Well at Holties House

Hi. This is Marcus, Peter's son just updating Dad's blog.

Peter is in hospital following emergency bowel surgery. He went to hospital on Sunday night and they transferred him to nearby Nambour hospital where they operated on Monday.

We are not sure what the prognosis is for the immediate future, hopefully we'll have a better idea in a day or two.

My sister Vicki and I flew up to Queensland yesterday and saw him at the hospital yesterday evening. He was in pretty good spirits and not experiencing any pain but is weak and tired and will need a fair while to recuperate. It was pretty emotional for all of us to see him under those circumstances. He normally enjoys very good health.

I will provide updates on Holties House once we know more.


kenju said...

Thanks you for posting. Please tell Peter I am praying for his full recovery and thinking of him.

Jack K. said...

Marcus, thanks for the posting. Please let Peter know that there are more prayers and positive energy coming his way.