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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cooler Weather!!!

I'm not particularly fond of hot weather but I really dislike COLD Weather, we had a cold snap with a minimum overnight temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, now that doesn't sound cold if you are in midwinter in areas where it snows a lot, but its all relative our temperature range for the past 8 months has been between 15 to 22, and 20  to 28 so it felt cold to me!!!!
This came to me as a result of all the care and attention that my kids have given me over the last 3 months and the possible need for more care in the future....
perish the thought! but should my health become more of a permanent worry it would seem logical that I should live somewhere close to some of them.
Again logic would seem to be saying that it should be Vicki and Marcus who both live in Victoria (I spent my first 45 years there to) BUT Victoria has a MUCH colder climate than Queensland and I repeat I DON"T LIKE COLD WEATHER.
I suppose this will all be worked out in the fullness of time...........
I have a date set for my next surgery to remove the tumor (a bowel recession), June 13th, so with less than a month to wait its all getting closer.
I have an excellent GP who gave me a pretty thorough going over a few days ago and his comment was "its a pity about that bowel cancer, you would be in excellent health if it wasn't for that"
I am back to living alone again for the moment while the kids get ready for the next round of care, Marcus is the one for the first shift when I go back into hospital and Vicki plans to be here when I' discharged from hospital some 7 to 10 days later.
Sorry all my posts have been centered so much on me and my health but for someone who has always been so well it comes as a bit of a shock.
If you have persevered with my irregular posting and chance to read this, I thank you and trust that all is well with you and yours.



Jeanette said...

Pleased to hear you have date for Resection operation so u can be rid of Tumor and get onto resumming good health..all my love for a full and happy recovery.. Jan

Mines has been 9 yrs 7th may 2004..

Jeanette said...

Opppps forgot to say
At least you still warmer up there in Qld woke to a bloody cold foggy morning the temp high for the day 12celius brrrrrrr 17c forecast tomorrow will wait see ..Thank heaven for central heating ...
now I know why we headed to Darwin for winter..

will ring u soon

Lee said...

Hi Peter...good hear from you. Stop apologising...this IS about you! And don't you forget that!

You must remember Victoria gets bloody hot, too...a lot hotter at times than it does up this way.

I,personally, prefer our winters here...I love the cooler temperatures. I always find I can rug up to keep warm...but it's difficult to get cool during the height of summer and summer temps. But, as I said, that's just me. When I was younger I loved the summer, but nowadays, I love putting on jumpers etc and just generally rugging up!

Keep fighting the good battle, Peter. We're all behind you and wish you well. :)