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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

HoltiesHouse is 1 year old.

YAH…. it’s my blogs birthday, just one short year ago I was an
innocent babe in the woods of blogland, totally unaware that over the
next 12 months my life would change quite dramatically.

Now I’m not going to admit say that I’m addicted to blogging, but it
has certainly opened up a new aspect to my life, I now have,
(and thoroughly enjoy) a new set of friends scattered throughout
the world.

These are friends I’ve not met, but to whom I feel very close, I enjoy
their pleasures, I suffer their pains, I laugh at their humour, and I am
amazed by their wisdom.

These my dear friends are you, and you, and you, I am so very grateful
to have been granted access to your blog worlds.

BLOGGERS; We are worthy of salute!!!!

My first 3 posts,

Now I’m not going to say that my blogging has improved to any marked
degree, but it has changed, and found a little direction.

I am also delighted to say my readership has improved a little, there was
only Marcus and my loyal sister Merle for quite a while.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Joke of the week

holtieshouse They might be old, they might be new, they might
be clean, they might be blue, but they will be funny.

There was a couple who had been trying to start a family for
many months without success.

They went to their local GP for advice; he suggested they visit
the sexual problems unit at their local hospital.

When they arrived the doctor in charge suggested that they
start with a sperm count check on the husband.

He was given a small jar and told to bring it back the next
morning for analysis.

Next morning he reported to the doctor with his little jar.

When the doctor looked at it he said, "there's nothing
in here."

"No" said the man "I really tried, first right handed, then
left handed."

"My wife had a go as well, then my mother in law came around,
she tried, teeth in, teeth out."

"But you know none of us could get the lid off that bloody jar."

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Anyone that I would expect to be visiting this blogsite will know
enough about me already, but for any unwary surfers who have
wound up here accidentally;

I was born in 1936 in country Victoria, so that makes me an
"old" Mexican (from south of the Queensland border.)

Having tried marriage twice, without much success, I now live
a pretty happy life alone in Gympie

My first marriage produced four wonderful children, (so it
wasn't a total failure) so I have 4 that call me Dad 11 that call
me Grand-dad and to date 1 that will call me Great Grand-dad
when he learns how to speak.

My second marriage produced 25 wonderful years, (so it wasn't
a total failure either.)

My passions are movies and music, (mainly country, but pretty
much anything gets a go.) and my family.
(added note; And Blogging.)

My three sons live in WA, two in
Perth and one in Busselton, and
my Daughter lives in country SA, so traveling plays an unusually
large part in my life.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

kicking and screaming into today’s world.

Well so far I've pushed about 100 buttons, but there seems a
chance that I'm finally in the right spot to become a blogger,
all that remains is to think of something to blog about!

I bought my first computer about 3 years ago and after
learning to type, a comical exercise in itself, I now try to
learn something new at every given opportunity, so now it's
time to look into blogging.

I already use Picasa, so have extended that to include hello,
it seems the door is now open, if this is so I will become far
more adventurous with my next try.

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Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I knew it was April, but
didn't know what date. Could have looked it up, but didn't. Anyway many
Congratulations. One year, but it seems a lot longer in some ways. Thanks for all your help along the way.
Love, Merle.

Jacqui said...

Congratulations on your anniversary of blogging, it must be really great having so many visitors.
Thanks from me too for all your help, not just in blogging either.

bubba said...

A year Hooray. Congrats. I am very sure when you look back now you laugh at all those mistakes.:) The world keeps getting smaller. Imagine my friend when the next year passes. What wonders it will hold?

Karen said...

Happy Bloggiversary! :-) May you have many more. I enjoy your blog and all you bring into my world.

bornfool said...

Well as you once told me, "You're one of the good ones." It's a pleasure to know you and visit with you every day.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Peter,

Congrats for your first year anniversary as a blogger!

I started my 1st. journal on aol in late May of 2005- so it has actually been almost a year for me, too!

But being on Blogger is so different -and better! Thanks to you for all your help and suggestions in getting me started here!

You may have noticed I have added anothe blog-for a total of THREE! :)

(LOL!! Have you created a monster!!! )


Marcus said...

Way to go Pop, you are a Baron of Blogging, a Prince of Posting, a pivotal peg in a worldwide blogging community!
Keep a blogging Maria!

Big Dave T said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm amazed when I check my sitemeter how many visitors I get from different parts of Australia. I'm sure I owe that to your influence. Australia should appoint you ambassador of blogging (or something like that).

Da Gal said...

Happy blog day to you!
Happy blog day to you!
Happy blog day dear Peter @ Holtie's House...

(big breath)

Happy Blog day to you!

Cheers!! Cheers!! Cheers!!

I am so happy you were born here a year ago Peter - I think you are fabulous and from what I am told my opinion counts for a lot. *wink*

Jerry said...

Happy Blog Anniversary. Time flies, doesn't it?

Carolyn said...

Hi Dad. Happy Blogday!Interesting reading the comments on your post re George Bush. The U.S. readers seem to favour him over Michael Moore.

CameraDawktor said...

I tried to leave a comment on your sperm sample joke but blogger wouldn't let me....very funny! Found you over at LZ Blogger. He is a nice guy.

I could look @ a map, but is Gympie anywhere near Toowoomba? I have a friend that just moved to Port Maquarie (sp?) and she lived in Towoomba, but she lived somewhere else before that. Just heard of Gympie before.

Anyway, looks like you come from a family of bloggers so I'll have to check them out too!

G'day and happy blog bday!

jan said...

Hi Peter
Congratulations on 1 year blogging i enjoy comming and reading your blogs . i noticed on marcus site you said your expecting a price rise on petrol well its here i paid 128.9litre today and the news showed its up to 134.9 on the hume hwy .take care

FTS said...

Happy blogversary!